Enjoy the Gift of Innovation


With Paraben’s E3 Platform the gift of innovation keeps on giving. With multiple releases each year we look back at 2020 with all that has happened with Paraben’s E3.

E3 Forensic Platform Innovations 2020

These are the highlights not every feature in 2020, dare to try E3!


E3 Remote Imager

Now you can image data storage devices with Windows OS and cloud machines all from the E3 Forensic Platform. Create images of MS Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, etc. 

Logical disk images of network-accessible physical machines, and start analysis while imaging. 

Data Triage Gold Stars

The E3 Data Triage is fast and to the point of getting you the evidence you need. Added in 2020 were new categories to include Downloads, Pictures, Windows 10 Activity Timeline, Link Files, Jump List Files, Incident Response, and more.

Google Takeout

Process through Google Takeout Archives that include: Gmail, Google Photos, Google Movies, etc.

Email Data Review Report

Show off your hard work with a report that allows you to show full email messages, attachments, and all in a clean HTML report with your customized branding.

Registry Parsing Enhancements

Don’t forget the value of Registry data with improved parsing for the following:

  • Classes
  • Windows Search
  • URL
  • Control Panel
  • Data Triage: shellbags, Source OS, Device Migrations, SAM, Explorer, and Applications

exFAT Processing

Support of the exFAT files system for disk images. This common file system on smartphone media cards and on external storage drives is a nice highlight for your DFIR needs.

Discord Support

E3:Universal added support for Discord cloud data. Capture data such as friends, direct messages, calls, and public channel data. 


Slack Support

Import the details from Slack cloud accounts with E3:Universal or E3:P2C with valuable information such as member list, channel messages, direct messages, and attachments. 

iOS Jailbreaks

2020 had more Jailbreak exploits for iOS devices and E3 incorporated all the new options with checkra1n. 

Emoji Support

Searching and viewing the latest lexicon can change the context of your evidence from smile to frown so it is time to make sure you have a tool that allows you to money-mouth with evidence.

iOS & Android Support

We are always on top of the latest changes in smartphones with support of the latest firmware, MDM support for iOS, and new app support you can always rely on E3 to keep you up to speed on smartphone forensics. 

100+ New Document Viewers

Once you find your evidence you need to be able to see it. One of the nice innovations in 2020 is the addition of over 100 new file viewers in E3. From Office documents, JSON, AutoCAD, and more you are hooked up with options. 

What People Are Saying About E3

Innovation is the gift that keeps on giving

“Paraben Corporation is the swiss army knife in my toolbox. Their platform has been my go-to whenever I am unable to restore, extract, and produce by native means and tools. Whether the case involved mobile, hard drive, or email collection, analysis, and production; Paraben has always provided high-quality consistent results. Their customer support is fast and efficient and usually solves my issues in just one call.”

P. Moran

Chief Information Officer

“Paraben E3 is a perfect fit for our mobile forensic needs. Not only is the software a great value, the people at Paraben have been exceptionally helpful. Again, the more I learn and use your product the more I appreciate what your company is doing for us. Please keep doing what you are doing!!”

Shawn Ireland


  • Data Carving & Sorting
  • Keyword Searching
  • Full-Text Indexing
  • OCR Scanning 
  • Variety of file viewers
  • SQLite Processing
  • Bookmarking
  • Hash Database Filtering
  • Emoji & Emoticon Searching
  • Built-in Python Scripting
  • Online Training
  • First Year Subscription Included


  • XML Data Export


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