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Using the E3 Forensic Platform

Processing data in a powerful platform to capture and review artifacts starts with the support and training provided with your purchase. The E3 Forensic Platform, offered by Paraben Corporation, boasts an intuitive workflow that seamlessly guides you through the process of Adding Evidence, Parsing the data, and Carving artifacts.

Windows Triage

Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform gives professional consultants the data access they need for digital forensics, data recovery, and incident response. Our E3 Forensic Platform offers quick access through triage functions eliminating the need for a deep dive into overwhelming amounts of information in order to make a decision. Just minutes after adding your image, our platform provides a comprehensive overview of Windows activities, allowing you to assess email accounts USB drive access and so much more. Rest assured, our solution will give you valuable insights and help you find the answers you seek.

Remote Imaging
Computer & Cloud

Paraben Corporation’s E3 Remote Imager offers flexible access to the evidence you need, regardless of your network connection. This efficient tool allows for the rapid collection of potentially changing information during ongoing breaches or ensures speed and efficiency in traditional forensic investigations. Whether the data is located in a remote area, different network, or cloud, E3 Remote Imager effortlessly detects volumes and acquires data based on user selection. Moreover, when used in conjunction with E3:UNIVERSAL, it provides a powerful digital workforce capable of collecting and processing data. Our expertise in indexing languages, OCR, data analysis, recovery, carving, and metadata extraction equips you with the necessary power to effectively complete your data review.

“When Paraben announced its Remote Imager, I was excited to discover that it is not limited to remotely imaging virtual machines in the public cloud but can also image non-cloud remote computers. With the prospect of remotely imaging a computer comes understandable questions about the security of the data being imaged. When I inspected my outgoing connection, it was revealed that the connection made by Paraben E3: Universal Remote Imager supports TLS version 1.2 for encryption of the data being imaged.” 

Michael Zinn

Systems Engineer, Micro Systems Management

Processing & Exporting

If you have been searching for a dependable and efficient tool to process multiple email mailstores, look no further than E3. Paraben Corporation’s E3 is a comprehensive solution that effortlessly handles various mailstores for both local and network email storage. Whether you use Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, or Office365, E3 can handle it all. With its additional export capabilities, you can process, deduplicate, and export emails as a new PST. For a cost-effective option focusing solely on email functionality, E3:EMAIL is also available for licensing. Trust Paraben Corporation for reliable and effective email processing.

All levels of
Smartphone Processing


Smartphone collections require options to ensure thorough data gathering. Paraben’s E3 offers comprehensive capabilities for both complete and targeted collections when dealing with smartphones. Additionally, it provides crucial access to cloud-related data, enabling the processing of additional data associated with popular social media platforms and chat applications. With support for all smartphone operating systems and versions, Paraben’s E3 stands out for its ability to extract metadata from apps and messages, further enhancing its smartphone capabilities.

Device Profiles Supported

Getting to know Paraben

Paraben Corporation has been a trusted supporter of law enforcement and government investigators in the field of digital forensics for over 25 years. Our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality service, cutting-edge technology, and accessible training has always been at the core of our mission. Contact us today and allow us to arrange a demonstration, showcasing the immense power of E3 and its potential to transform your investigative capabilities.

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