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Ideal Workflow Any Size Department

Support a large variety of data types. Using E3 allows you to put in data through a variety of methods. With built-in capture for computers, smartphones, social media, IoT and more you can get what you need. In addition, add in data from pictures from the scene, statements, and more.

Share data easily. E3 is designed to share data with other parties in a case. With built-in searching, viewing, and reporting for every tier of the investigative process. The E3 Platform is flexible to adjust for your department structure. 

Affordability for all sizes of departments. You do not need a huge budget to process digital data in your department. With your license of E3 you can process information and also receive the operator level certification to get going. Our team supports you with walk-throughs and help to make sure you are ready to find your evidence. 

Using the E3 Forensic Platform

Processing data in a powerful platform to capture and review artifacts starts with the support and training provided with your purchase. The E3 Forensic Platform, offered by Paraben Corporation, boasts an intuitive workflow that seamlessly guides you through the process of Adding Evidence, Parsing the data, and Carving artifacts.

Support iOS & Android

Smartphone forensics relies on both capture and analysis. Capturing data in E3 is designed to maximize data retrieval for different types of devices, utilizing various methods to ensure comprehensive acquisition and imaging. Bypass options for passwords are available for Android devices with specific chipsets and firmware versions. The analysis process in Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform is user-friendly, providing clear navigation to locate valuable information during investigations. With over 38,889+ supported device profiles, Paraben Corporation offers a wide range of device types for capture and analysis.

Data Recovery
Smartphone & Computer

Data recovery is an essential component of smartphone and computer-related data processes. At Paraben Corporation, we ensure that any recoverable data is automatically completed through the parsing of Apps or the operating system. Additionally, our advanced technology, the Forensic Sorter, allows us to meticulously process data through a carving process, enabling us to capture and display it by category for effortless review.

Process a
Variety of Data Types

Paraben Corporation: Enhancing Your Digital Investigations

In the realm of digital investigations, the scope of what you may stumble upon is boundless. That’s why having a tool that can effortlessly handle an extensive range of data types can be the ultimate game-changer. With the E3 Forensic Platform, you can seamlessly process data from various sources such as smartphones, feature phones, GPS devices, IoT devices, cloud storage, Windows and Linux computers, diverse email formats, and much more. Empowered by our platform, you possess the capabilities to capture and analyze any discovery that comes your way.

“Law Enforcement and its stakeholders are required to provide neatly compiled data from investigations to ensure judicious resolutions. Paraben’s E3 software provided the opportunity to further my competency in mobile forensics using an agile, comprehensive, and clever resource intended to seek ever-changing information from those who seek to victimize others.”

Rolf Kotulla

MSCJ GPD Officer

All levels of
Digital Forensic Training


Paraben Corporation’s Training Academy offers a comprehensive range of digital investigation classes to ensure professionals are equipped with the latest techniques. With easy access to on-demand, live online, and in-person classes, our courses dive deep into the intricacies of data analysis, empowering you to effectively locate and comprehend information using our cutting-edge E3 technology.

Designed with a combination of informative lectures and practical lab sessions, each course concludes with a certification process to validate your integration of newfound knowledge into your investigation workflow. Upgrade your skills with Paraben Corporation’s Training Academy today. Product purchases come with operator level certification training for E3:UNIVERSAL, E3:MOBILE, E3:COMPUTER, and E3:CLOUD.

Getting to know Paraben

Paraben Corporation has been a trusted supporter of law enforcement and government investigators in the field of digital forensics for over 25 years. Our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality service, cutting-edge technology, and accessible training has always been at the core of our mission. Contact us today and allow us to arrange a demonstration, showcasing the immense power of E3 and its potential to transform your investigative capabilities.

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Mobile-iOS & Android +Feature Phones +GPS +IoT

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File Systems-Windows & Linux

Cloud-Key Capture

Remote Imaging