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Paraben Corporation, with its E3 Forensic Platform, offers a comprehensive solution for capturing, analyzing, and sharing data in any digital investigation. For over two decades, our innovative technology has supported DFIR, OSINT, CYBER, and eDiscovery professionals, establishing a strong foundation for law enforcement, corporate, and private consultants worldwide.


Smartphone forensics encompasses both capture and analysis. Unlocking the secrets of digital artifacts is made possible through the unparalleled power of Paraben’s E3. All smartphone OS supported, feature phones, GPS, IoT, and more!


Cloud data is the next frontier in digital evidence. Whether capturing it live with consent or through access keys, Paraben’s E3 empowers you to effectively conquer and analyze this valuable information.


Understanding a complex file system and locating artifacts is Paraben Corporation’s primary focus with E3 for computer forensics. Discover your suspect’s path within minutes.


Paraben Corporation enhances OSINT collections with E3, offering expansive data acquisition from social media platforms. Seamlessly integrate this wealth of invaluable information into your digital investigation.


Compliance data from popular social networks, Google Takeout, and other sources as part of a digital investigation provides you with a comprehensive perspective. Paraben’s E3 gives you easy access to this information.

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We, at Paraben Corporation, pride ourselves on being your trusted choice. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to provide the highest quality products and training. Our team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction. When it comes to reliability, innovation, and expertise, Paraben Corporation stands out from the rest. Trust us to deliver unparalleled solutions tailored to your needs. We work hard at compatibility with other tools so you can work with us and with other technology smoothly.


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Using a new platform can be an exciting experience, with Paraben offering trial licenses for its top-tier license, E3:UNIVERSAL.

During your trial period, you’ll have access to all available features. If you run out of time, simply reach out to us, and we’ll happily extend your trial.

Additionally, we provide sample files that allow you to explore features you may not have the data for. Feel free to ask one of our representatives for download links.

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I have been in law enforcement for approximately 12 years now and I have been using Paraben E3 Universal software to conduct digital forensic examinations of mobile devices, personal computers and digital video recorders for about 5 years now and I am continually impressed on the ease of use, practicability, and flexibility of this software.  I service multiple surrounding agencies for digital forensics, not just the agency I work for, and I am able to provide comprehensive, easy to read reports that have aided in nearly countless investigations that result in criminal charges and eventually conviction as a result of those reports.   Customer service with Paraben Corporation is second to none; they are quick to respond and even quicker with solutions.  The staff are exceedingly responsive to my inquiries and will call personally to follow up after a quick resolution to my problem had been found.  I readily and eagerly recommend Paraben Corporation to any agency that needs an affordable and flexible digital forensic software suite and customer service for their digital forensic needs.”


Investigator Micah Haga

Noble County Sheriff’s Office

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Mobile-iOS & Android +Feature Phones +GPS +IoT

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File Systems-Windows & Linux

Cloud-Key Capture


Frequently Asked Questions.

Working with Paraben Corporation means experiencing innovation and exceptional service. We are dedicated to addressing your inquiries and designing the E3 Forensic Platform to perfectly suit your specific requirements. We offer affordable Digital Forensic Software for investigating computers, smartphones, IoT, and cloud data. Our digital forensic software has an outstanding history of strong analytics and capture capabilities.

Can Paraben's E3 do mobiles and computers?

Yes, the E3 Forensic Platform has custom license options to allow you to process different types of data based on your license. The E3:UNIVERSAL license processes all types of digital data we support.

Does E3 recover deleted data from different data sources?

Yes, the E3 Forensic Platform was designed to carve and recover data from computers, smartphones, and Apps associated with social media.

Does E3 come with training?

Yes, Paraben offers two complimentary classes that come with the E3 Forensic Platform purchase. The Level 1 Operator classes will get you oriented to the software and test your knowledge with a lab and certification process.