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E3:UNIVERSAL is an end-to-end DFIR and digital investigations solution that can process and capture ALL types of digital data: computers, email, internet data, smartphones, IoT devices, and cloud data.

Electronic License Purchase Includes:

  • Computer Processing Engines (Windows & Linux)
  • Mobile Processing Engines (iOS, Android, & more)
  • IoT Engines
  • Chip Dump & JTAG Engine
  • Logical Mobile Imager
  • Physical Mobile Imager
  • Cloud Capture & Analysis
  • Remote Imager for Computers & Cloud
  • DP2C Imager Download
  • P2X Pro Mounting Software
  • Level 1 Training DSMO & P2CO Certification
    • 1 Year SMS on all software. After the first year of updates a subscription fee is required to receive additional updates.

Additional Add-on items available include E3 toolbox, USB dongle, E3:View, Image Analyzer, and more.

Software Installation Details

Installer Size

Space Requirement

Main Installer Package

1.2 GB

2.1 GB

Mobile Driver Pack

331 MB

600 MB

Remote Agent x86

4 MB

5 MB

Remote Agent x64

5 MB

7 MB

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