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E3:COMPUTER is a complete computer forensic tool supporting Windows and Linux. Artifact processing is all part of the E3:COMPUTER license that includes processing of the file system, network email archives, local email archives, internet data, chat data, cloud keys, etc. E3:COMPUTER has a built-in triage function to see core pieces of potential evidence before proceeding to the next level of your examination all in minutes of having data added.

Electronic License Purchase Includes:

  • Computer Processing Engines (Windows & Linux)
  • Cloud Capture & Analysis (Partial)
  • DP2C Imager Download
  • P2X Pro Mounting Software
  • Level 1 Training P2CO Certification
  • 1 Year SMS on all software. After the first year of updates a subscription fee is required to receive additional updates.

Additional add-on items available include a USB dongle, Image Analyzer software, and more.

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