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Capture & Analysis

  • Smartphones
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Computers
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac
  • Remote Imaging
    • Computers
    • Cloud
  • Cloud Data
    • Social Media
    • Slack & Discord
  • IoT Data
    • Drones
    • Watches
  • OSINT Data
    • Social Media

Using the E3 Forensic Platform

Processing data in a powerful platform to capture and review artifacts starts with the support and training provided with your purchase. The E3 Forensic Platform, offered by Paraben Corporation, boasts an intuitive workflow that seamlessly guides you through the process of Adding Evidence, Parsing the data, and Carving artifacts.

Collect & Analyze

Smartphones are a rapidly expanding field within digital forensics, and at Paraben Corporation, we are committed to supporting the collection and analysis of data from all types of smartphones running Android and iOS. In a classroom setting, our expert training team can provide students with pre-set devices for hands-on collection practice. Once collection is complete, our focus turns to developing the necessary skills to uncover valuable data, utilizing our pre-built labs designed for both Android and iOS platforms. These labs offer multiple skill levels, allowing students to delve deeper into the investigative process.

Windows, Linux, & Mac
File System Processing

Computer forensic investigations remain a vital function for digital forensic teams worldwide. Equipping students with the necessary skills to navigate diverse file systems ensures their readiness for any investigative lab. Paraben Corporation’s E3 Forensic Platform specializes in analyzing Microsoft Windows artifacts, offering comprehensive processing and examination capabilities for crucial elements like email, messaging, and browsing history. Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform processes the largest range of data types in the industry giving a large range of practice for students. Realistic lab files are also provided, simulating various investigation scenarios encountered in the field.

Lab Files
Smartphones, Computers, & Artifacts

Practical experience is crucial for students in the educational process. At Paraben Corporation, our team of experts creates lab files with this in mind, ensuring an optimal learning environment for every user. Each lab option is available separately without the need for software licensing. All lab scenarios are carefully constructed to have no connection to real individuals, incidents, or crimes. These labs can be purchased and used repeatedly in your program, offering valuable hands-on training. However, please note that our labs are not intended for sharing between organizations. If you require customized lab creation, our Paraben team of experts is also available for assistance.
  • Multiple iOS & Android Focused Labs
  • App Specific Labs-WhatsApp, Social Media, etc
  • GPS Device Lab
  • Wearable Lab
  • SQLite App Lab
  • Mobile Data Comparison Lab
  • Mobile Malware
  • Chip Dump Analysis
  • Cloud Mobile Analysis
  • File System Lab-Windows
  • Local Email Mailstore Lab
  • Network Email Mailstore Lab
  • Computer & Mobile Malware Lab (Cross integration)

Certification Program


Students need an advantage when it comes to post-graduation job prospects, and certifications play a crucial role. To help them stand out, Paraben Corporation offers a Student Package that provides training and certifications. This package enables students to access online courses at reduced prices and complete the certification process. Educational institutions can further support their students by offering discount codes that can be applied to the Student Package. Boost your resume with practical industry-level certifications through Paraben’s Student Package.

“Paraben software is phenomenal within the educational setting. The Paraben E3 Platform allows students to process all types of digital evidence through a simple user graphical interface, with an Easy interface, Efficient engines, and Effective workflow. The software offers end-to-end processing capabilities for all types of digital evidence including mobile and computers. In addition, the Paraben customer service team is a pleasure to work. I encourage educators to add Paraben products to their curriculum within the exciting field of Cybercriminology”

Dr. Jason James

Indiana State University

Educational Institutions

Pricing for the educational level at Paraben Corporation is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit any program size. Our prices are based on a license fee for E3:UNIVERSAL and optional lab packages. Rest assured that all licenses can be easily accessed through web platforms, whether on machines available to the students or in a virtual environment.