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Paraben Corporation offers E3:MOBILE, an all-inclusive solution for smartphone processing. Since 2001, Paraben has been at the forefront of mobile forensics, dedicated to comprehending and providing tools to capture and analyze data from these devices. Our wide range of acquisition techniques, including rooting, Jailbreaking, ADB Backup, downgrading, and chip dumps, ensures the ability to extract data from all versions of Apple iOS and Android. E3:MOBILE also supports various other mobile devices, such as feature phones, GPS devices, and IoT devices. Experience the power of E3:MOBILE by scheduling a live demonstration with our esteemed Paraben Team members, available Monday to Friday. LICENSING & FEATURE OPTIONS

General Capabilities

License Expiration Reminders


Multi-Level Structure

Bookmark by Tag
Color Customization
Time Zone Customization

File System Filters

-Advanced Analysis Grids

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Skip Lists Filtering
NIST Hash Set Support
Custom Hash Support
Data Sorting by File Header
Data Carving
Quick Sorted Files Filtering
Quick Sorted Files Filtering
Viewers for over 100+ Files
File Viewer
Hex Viewer
Text Viewer
Chat RTF Viewer
Email Data Viewer
Automatic Embedded Data Detection
Malware Scanning HD
Malware Scanning Mobile
Full-Text Indexing
Boolean Searching
Emoji & Emoticon Searching
Keywords Searching
Advanced Multi-Parameter Searching
Export Any File in Native Format
Export Multiple Files from Different Locations & Evidence Types
Export Files/Folders to Forensic Containers
Export Searches & Bookmarks
Spreadsheet Export

XML Output of Data

Cross Share with other tools




Regular Expression Searching

Search Results Report
HTML Investigative Report

HTML Evidence

Summary Report

Simple CSV Report
Simple TXT Report
Simple RTF Report
Mobile Data Review Report
Mobile Data Report Excel
Mobile Data PDF Report
Mobile Data Timeline Report

Localized Report Options

Spanish, Chinese, French, Polish

Custom Capabilities

Mobile Device Logical Imaging

iOS, Android & GrapheneOS

Device Physical Imaging

Android & iOS (Jailbreak)

Multiple Device

Simultaneous Acquisition

Specialized Targeted-Triage Acquisition

iTunes & BlackBerry

Backup Import

iTunes Encrypted

Backup Import

JTAG & Chip-Off Analysis

(Chip Dump Parsing- *.BIN)

Mobile Data Triage
Android ADB Backup Processing
Activity Timeline Data Collection-Mobile

Chinese Chip Support & Bypass

MediaTek & Spreadtrum

U.S. Chip Support & Bypass Qualcomm (EDL)
Internal Rooting
Android 3rd Party Root Utility
Support of Jailbreaking-Checkra1n, & Others for Physical Imaging

GrayKey Data Parsing

iOS & Android

Cellebrite XML & UFD Processing

iOS & Android 

SQLite Databases
Chat Databases
Internet Browser Data
Google Takeout
Compliance Archive Processing

Social Media Backup Processing

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
Cloud-Facebook Messenger
Cloud-Amazon Alexa
Cloud-Google Drive
Cloud-Google Locations
Amazon Echo
DJI Go (Drone)


Android & Tizen

Apple Watch (Data Parsing)
XBOX 360
XBOX One (Partial)
Oculus Quest

Investigation Technology

At Paraben Corporation, we offer E3:MOBILE, a smartphone forensics and digital investigation tool that stands out from the rest. With your purchase, you’ll enjoy access to powerful features and updates for a year. Subscription prices for perpetual license holders are a mere 20% of the license cost, ensuring a budget-friendly option to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. E3 provides a range of options for processing mobile devices, and our dedicated team constantly researches new techniques. Furthermore, our professionals are committed to delivering unparalleled customer service. Compare how we stack up against other tool options.

Testing is happening all the time with the E3 Forensic Platform and certain U.S. government agencies also test and validate tools. Here are some of their results specific to mobile forensics.

Focus on Data Artifacts

Paraben Corporation’s E3 Forensic Platform is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions for digital investigations. With a rich history of groundbreaking achievements, our platform prioritizes innovation and support for digital investigators in DFIR, OSINT, CYBER, and eDiscovery. E3’s advanced data processing engines delve into the intricate digital landscape, revealing recovered data, active data, and metadata details with precision. Trust Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform to provide the answers you need for any type of digital investigation.

First for Mobiles

2001 created the first mobile acquisition tool for digital investigators.

First Faraday Patent

2005 Paraben’s CEO was granted the EMI Shielding Container patent for Paraben’s StrongHold Faraday Bags.

First for OSINT

2022 first tool integration between digital forensics and OSINT.

All levels of
Digital Forensic Training


Paraben Corporation’s Training Academy offers a comprehensive range of digital investigation classes to ensure professionals are equipped with the latest techniques. With easy access to on-demand, live online, and in-person classes, our courses dive deep into the intricacies of data analysis, empowering you to effectively locate and comprehend information using our cutting-edge E3 technology.

Designed with a combination of informative lectures and practical lab sessions, each course concludes with a certification process to validate your integration of newfound knowledge into your investigation workflow. Upgrade your skills with Paraben Corporation’s Training Academy today. Product purchases come with operator level certification training for E3:UNIVERSAL, E3:MOBILE, E3:COMPUTER, and E3:CLOUD.

Take E3
for a Test Drive


Using a new platform can be an exciting experience, with Paraben offering trial licenses for its top-tier license, E3:UNIVERSAL.

During your trial period, you’ll have access to all available features. If you run out of time, simply reach out to us, and we’ll happily extend your trial.

Additionally, we provide sample files that allow you to explore features you may not have the data for. Feel free to ask one of our representatives for download links.

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File Systems-Windows & Linux

Mobile-iOS & Android +Feature Phones +GPS +IoT

Cloud-Live Capture & Key Capture

Remote Imaging





Mobile-iOS & Android +Feature Phones +GPS +IoT

Cloud-Key Capture





File Systems-Windows & Linux

Cloud-Key Capture

Email Processing