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E3 Trial

The Paraben Corporation offers the E3 Forensic Platform trial to provide you with a comprehensive experience of our E3 capabilities. With your trial license, you have the ability to process any of the 166+ artifacts, from capture to analysis. The trial period lasts for 5 days, but extensions can be requested if needed.  Experience the power of the E3 Forensic Platform by scheduling a live demonstration with our esteemed Paraben Team members, available Monday to Friday. DOWNLOAD FEATURE CHART

E3 Trial

With all digital forensic software, we ask that legitimate emails be used and contact details are provided. Each trial license is granted fully functional for 5-days from the date of authentication of your email.

  • You MUST fill in your full name and email or the system will reject your request. 
  • All requests are verified by a live person before a trial license is granted.
  • Please be sure to reply to our email to verify your email address before your trial can begin.
  • Make sure the domain is not ending up in your spam so your trial is not delayed.

Fake details placed in the form will automatically be filtered out and no trial will be granted. We want to ensure that the software is being used for proper purposes. We appreciate you following our trial policy.

Training Courses
Using the E3 Forensic Platform

Paraben Corporation proudly supports continuing education by offering trials to students and professionals in the field. We prioritize authenticity and require legitimate details and verification before granting trial licenses. Instructors with E3 focused labs can request batch trials for their classes, and these licenses will be timed to match your lab. For comprehensive educational programs in higher education, Paraben provides additional opportunities.

CHFI students must complete a Trial request with legitimate details and await approval by following the steps in the email they receive. We respond to trial requests within 24 hours from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Students also have the option to request extensions on their trial licenses.

Take E3
for a Test Drive


Using a new platform can be an exciting experience, with Paraben offering trial licenses for its top-tier license, E3:UNIVERSAL.

During your trial period, you’ll have access to all available features. If you run out of time, simply reach out to us, and we’ll happily extend your trial.

Additionally, we provide sample files that allow you to explore features you may not have the data for. Feel free to ask one of our representatives for download links.

Focus on Data Artifacts

Paraben Corporation’s E3 Forensic Platform is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions for digital investigations. With a rich history of groundbreaking achievements, our platform prioritizes innovation and support for digital investigators in DFIR, OSINT, CYBER, and eDiscovery. E3’s advanced data processing engines delve into the intricate digital landscape, revealing recovered data, active data, and metadata details with precision. Trust Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform to provide the answers you need for any type of digital investigation.

First for Mobiles

2001 created the first mobile acquisition tool for digital investigators.

First Faraday Patent

2005 Paraben’s CEO was granted the EMI Shielding Container patent for Paraben’s StrongHold Faraday Bags.

First for OSINT

2022 first tool integration between digital forensics and OSINT.

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Mobile-iOS & Android +Feature Phones +GPS +IoT

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File Systems-Windows & Linux

Cloud-Key Capture

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