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Smartphones have become the primary digital evidence for many cases. Understanding the various artifacts available in these devices can make all the difference between innocence and guilt. Paraben Corporation’s E3 Forensic Platform specializes in the meticulous analysis and parsing required to uncover the truth hidden within the data. Among the unique artifacts captured by E3 is the Android Activity Timeline, which provides a comprehensive record of all activities performed on an Android device over a period of several months. This valuable data focuses specifically on user-initiated actions, distinguishing them from system-generated events with precise timestamps. Be sure to check out our enlightening YouTube video that delves into this significant artifact.



Paraben Corporation’s E3 software specializes in uncovering valuable data artifacts from Apple iOS devices through a traditional logical image. By analyzing the keybagUUID, we gain access to the keys that safeguard both file and keychain data protection classes. This holds true for various iOS devices, including phones, tablets, watches, and Apple TV, providing insightful information about users’ device activities. The keys discovered in this process encompass user, device, backup, escrow, and iCloud Backup data.


There are numerous artifacts found in a Windows system that can reveal new data sources during an investigation. Examining the latest AI integrations with Cortana can provide insights into a potential suspect’s activities through their voice. When users seek guidance from Cortana in Windows, the corresponding data, including the questions they ask, is stored. Familiarizing yourself with your suspects’ questions can lead you to valuable data. Paraben’s E3 Platform captures this data through the Triage function so you will know in minutes of these artifacts exist.


Paraben Corporation: Embrace the Future of IoT Forensics

As IoT devices permeate every aspect of our lives, they also become crucial artifacts in the realm of digital forensics. In sync with the ever-expanding boundaries of our reality, the E3 Forensic Platform now encompasses the Meta Oculus Quest devices, allowing you to delve into a virtual reality full of boundless opportunities to enhance your digital footprint. Capture this invaluable data and gain insights into both the virtual and real realms with ease.


Paraben Corporation’s E3 Forensic Platform captures a wide range of cloud data, including social media, messaging, and storage. With Cloud storage now affordable and integrated into our computers and smartphones, it has become a common location for digital evidence. This platform can extract data using either known cloud keys or keys found in other digital device storage, such as smartphones and computers. By collecting and utilizing these keys, authorized access can be granted to capture the data efficiently. E3:CLOUD can be licensed independently of the full platform license.


Paraben Corporation’s E3 Forensic Platform now supports OSINT data collection. Use your investigations account to be able to collect data from popular social media networks. E3 has a new built-in proxy server to help with the use of a VPN to ensure that your collection remains secure and private as you do your data capture. 

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Paraben Corporation has been a trusted supporter of law enforcement and government investigators in the field of digital forensics for over 25 years. Our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality service, cutting-edge technology, and accessible training has always been at the core of our mission. Contact us today and allow us to arrange a demonstration, showcasing the immense power of E3 and its potential to transform your investigative capabilities.

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