A Team You can trust

Knowing the team behind the technology you trust is all part of what Paraben offers with its digital forensic platform E3-Electronic Evidence Examiner. From the CEO to customer service the entire team is here to support you in your digital investigations.

Don’t Settle For Less

Creating Tools that Push Boundaries

Paraben started with simple tools that just solved problems 22 years ago. Since that time, the efforts for problem-solving have refined to a single area of focus…DFIR. Paraben’s evolution from PDA Seizure to a comprehensive digital forensic platform shows the value of working with a company that knows how to be a solution provider. We are at industry events and we are always listening to what we can do to help the investigators in the field.

A Team You Can Trust

Paraben Team

With remote working a standard it is important to remember that behind the virtual are real people that are pushing for your success. That is true with the Paraben team that spends their time working with you to make sure your DFIR needs are taking care of.

Heading up the Paraben team is Amber Schroader the CEO and President of Paraben. Amber has been in the field for 30-years and has found more than just a passion for digital forensics, but her childhood dream of being Wonder Woman being fulfilled. Amber spends her time fighting for justice in the design of the Paraben E3 technology and the search for the truths that live in digital evidence.

As the inventor and patent holder for the Paraben StrongHold bags, Amber took her wide range of skills to include sewing to good use. At the Paraben 20-year celebration a special quilt of all the Paraben t-shirts was on display designed and made by Amber.

Amber spends her time in technology and with dogs making Paraben offices a safe haven as a dog foster for rescues having helped with over a dozen different animals and doing training with the animals that needed a little extra care. Paraben is a pet-friendly place to work as seen with the wide array of animals that visit the office.

Heading up some of the team members you see out and about is Shannon Gomez. As the director of sales, her outgoing and bubbly personality are well known having been in the field for 25-years. Shannon not only spends her time enjoying the conversations with the Paraben customers and getting to know people at events but also loves spending time outside.


Backing Shannon up on the technical side is Kevin Fisher who heads up the support team at Paraben. Kevin has been with Paraben for 9 ½ years and was looking for a company to have as his new tech family. For a long time, technical nerd Kevin loves everything from hardware to software. Kevin works on more than just the support side of the company and helps out in other areas like testing and consulting services to enhance his skills.

Kevin is not just loving his time in front of his machine but is an avid fisherman and chef. Relaxing with a fishing pole in hand instead of a mouse has been a favorite pastime since fishing the rivers of Utah where Paraben was originally headquartered. 

When not catching the latest and greatest he is sharing recipes and doing BBQ with Amber the CEO. Both share a passion for food and many times the Paraben team stays connected with their love of food and the connection it brings.

Shannon lives in the beautiful state of Tennessee and was one of Paraben’s first remote team members. Living on the top of the Cumberland Plateau gives Shannon a lot of opportunities to get outside and enjoy waterfalls, hiking, and kayaking.

As with many of the team members Amber, Shannon, and Kevin love animals and rescue and have multiple animals as part of their families.

Paraben is always connected through each other interests in digital forensics as well as many of our passions. Check back with our Team page for more information on other Paraben Team members.

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