All-In-One Digital Forensics

Paraben’s E3:Universal provides all you need for processing a large range of digital items in a single software package.

  • Computer Data Processing
  • Local & Network Email Processing
  • Instant Messaging Processing
  • Internet Data Processing
  • Smartphone Imaging & Processing
  • Cloud Data Processing
  • Windows Artifacts

Spend 20-minutes with us and see how we can change the way you look at digital forensics with a single platform to work through the largest variety of digital data. 

Breaking Boundaries in Digital Data

When processing evidence you don’t want to just be one of the crowds. You want tools that will break boundaries and not just push them. The E3 Forensic Platform will get you to the data you need quickly and completely. With over 50 different processing engines there is a powerhouse of resources waiting to help you close your case.

Paraben has been innovating technology for the last 20-years and has spent much of that time working on digital evidence and the recovery and processing of data. Our team of engineers works with the latest techniques and tactics to learn about the data and the best way to process it for you.

“You want to work with people you know not only make their tools, but they use them and understand what you need. Our lab uses E3 and I personally take time to work through data to walk in the shoes of an investigator. We understand the process because we live in the process of digital forensics.”

-Amber Schroader, CEO & Founder at Paraben

One interface and workflow are clean and efficient which allows you to pull in more data and process through a variety of types of data, support different languages, and have some truly kick-ass reports.

E3:Universal is the optimal solution for digital forensics with a variety of different data sources.

Windows Artifacts

Windows is still the dominant operating system and understanding and processing all the artifacts that make your investigation easier is critical. E3:Universal makes the triage process easy and the best method to see who was logged in, what USB devices were attached, were they accessing different cloud accounts, and so much more.

Variety of Digital Data Sources

Computers  –  Smartphones   –   Email   –   Cloud 

Digital evidence is rarely isolated to a single data source and E3:Universal keeps that in mind. Bring in all the data sources into a single case and run through your searches on all the different data sources together. Understand the context of the data as the suspect used it and be able to report on it comprehensively.

Email at All Levels

There is no end to the email capabilities inside E3:Universal with support of PST, OST, EML, MS Exchange, Office 365, and so much more! With the largest support of different email archives found in a single forensic platform, you can’t go wrong with E3:Universal.  

Power up to the Full E3 Platform

Smartphones & IoT

data recovery smartphone

Smartphones are the largest trending digital evidence item and having a suite that allows you to work with that data while also being able to work with computers, email, and cloud data gives you the power that only comes with E3:Universal. Processing logical, physical, and unlocking devices is all part of the smartphone portion of E3:Universal and these capabilities are just the tip of all the analysis options with App analysis, malware ranking, and even the processing of IoT related data. Full features are an understatement when it comes to what you get with E3:Universal.    

Cloud Processing

You can’t leave out the ability to deal with cloud-related data when it comes to digital forensics. E3:Universal deals with a large variety of different cloud storage options from the GSuite to social media and moving on to the heavy hitters of AWS, and MS Azure. No matter which cloud storage option you are dealing with E3:Universal has an option for you to capture the data and process it through the powerful analytic engines.

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