Incorporated in 1999

U.S. Woman-Owned Business


Company Timeline of Innovations

Founded September 1999

Paraben’s name was inspired by the back of the shampoo bottle.


Created 1st tool to process mobile devices in digital forensics.


Released the 1st tool to deal with E-mail network archives.


1st Imaging of mobiles from direct chip reads.


Processing instant messaging from native archives.


StrongHold Faraday Bag Patent Filed.


1st Annual PFIC Event.


Support for iOS devices.


1st Android Rooting in digital forensics.


Data Triage imaging & processing for computers.


1st support for IoT devices in digital forensics.


1st Cloud data integration into digital forensics capture.


1st Unified interface tool for digital forensics.


Android Activity Timeline


Multiple simultaneous device acquisition.


Remote computer collections in primary tool.


1st  tool to support Gaming Forensics.


1st integrated OSINT capabilties in a digital investigations platform.

About US

Our Story

Paraben provides solutions. We specialize in digital forensics, risk assessment, and security, but we love technology.  Our platforms data processing engines are renowned for the details we can pull from computers, email, mobile device, smartphones, and IoT devices. Paraben’s technology has been around since 1999 and we have always innovated. Paraben’s E3 Platform was the first tool with a unified interface to deal with all types of digital data.  Paraben offers solutions that build new capabilities into digital investigations. Paraben’s workflow optimizes team efforts and ensures the best data production.

Paraben’s technology is also a choice in companies. As a small business, we put the personal touch in our service, sales, and personal attention to the needs of our customers.

Total # of PFIC Events

Food Pictures Shared in a Month

Ginger Haired Staff

Animals Fostered with Staff


Working with Paraben


24 years in business

We understand your struggles and strive for solutions


We believe in service

We treat our customers like we want to be treated and each one is a priority to us.

We are nerds and love technology

You have to love tech to beat tech and that is just what we do.

We stayed with our foundation

We have always focused our tools on DFIR and continue to support that community.


There are many parts in any machine that come together to make it go. In the machine known as Paraben, those parts are a combination of people, technology, and a little AI that gives Paraben the innovative edge in data investigations.

Paraben’s heart and core is Amber Schroader the founder and CEO.

Amber has been a pioneer in the field for 30 years and has been key in developing new technology to help investigators with the extraction of digital evidence from hard drives, email, and handheld and mobile devices. Those innovations are currently showcased in the E3 Forensic Platform. Amber has been a teacher in the field developing numerous courses for computer forensics, wireless forensics, mobile technologies, email analysis, and extraction, as well as network forensics. Amber has been seen at numerous events as a keynote speaker and appeared on NBC Nightly News other national and international media. Amber may not be the biggest extrovert, but she knows how to get her geek on with a wide range of practical skills and sci-fi facts.

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Greg Kipper, VP of Cyber

Greg is accomplished in the many areas that make up the world of cyber. From being an experienced solutions architect, emerging technology strategist, certified security professional, and five-time published author with strong practical experience in all aspects of information technology, cybersecurity, and proactive cyber threat response. As head of the Paraben consulting services, he maintains a wide range of knowledge. He is also a recognized cyber forensics expert and investigator who has worked on several high-profile cases including the Bernie Madoff scandal. Greg has also established himself as a creative and strategic thought leader in emerging information technologies gaining the attention and trusted advisor status with the CTO offices of the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard as well as major financial institutions, Elsevier Publishing, and other Fortune 500 companies.  As part of the Paraben leadership core, Greg pushes to make sure we stay on the edge of trends and technology changes.

Our Paraben team is filled with members that have been with the company for over ten years that focus on the needs of our customers first. We have a support team that listens and answers your call day or night. We have warm and friendly sales team members that will work with you to get the solution you need no matter the size of your lab. We are all about solving problems associated with data investigations and doing so with a friendly group of people that love what they do. We even have our own avatar Edwin that walks you through the training of new tech with ease on our YouTube channel. All of these people, technology, and AI come together to make up Paraben.

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U.S. Woman-Owned Business