Customer experience improvements and new features in E3 3.8

Written by Alisha Cales

February 5, 2024

When looking for a whole package for technology it is more than just the tool you need to look at it is the company behind it. The 3.8 release of Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform reminds us of that with a whole new customer download experience incorporated into the E3 licensing platform with the launch of the Paraben Zone.

“We are listening to our customers to make their experience the best it can be with a new Zone it allows easy access to all the downloads that are available for E3.” Stated Amber Schroader CEO

In addition, the new E3 version 3.8 has added embedded viewers for HEIC and HEIF files, and enhancements added to the Hex Viewer in E3 based on user feedback. The release continues to add even more support with 38,889+ device profiles now supported for extraction and analysis in E3.

“We have been spending a lot of time getting parsing in for Google Takeout. It is a great piece of investigative data for both DFIR and OSINT investigators that really gives you a run through a digital life.” Commented Amber Schroader

New categories for Google Takeout included in this release are Contacts and Fitness.

The final bonus in the E3 3.8 release is the E3:IMAGE ANALYZER Add-On for E3. This powerful engine has added new capabilities to include finding images with aircraft, credit (former ID_Credit Card) , CSAM, ID (former ID_Credit Card), Medical, Meme, Offensive gesture, and Schematic.



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