New Mobile Fast Track Training Nashville TN

Written by Alisha Cales

Paraben’s Mobile Fast Track has been a popular course to get started in the field of mobile forensics for over a decade. Through those years it has gone through many revisions, but the latest is probably the most exciting.

“I am thrilled to add even more labs than ever before in the Mobile Fast Track Course. In addition, we teach two tools in the course to the principle of cross-validation can easily be incorporated into a lab.”  Commented Amber Schroader, Instructor for the course.


Mobile forensics changes often and staying on top of the trends and shifts can be difficult for any investigator. The Mobile Fast Track course really focuses on every aspect of the job. You learn about procedures and how to have your lab process more effectively. You go through multiple methods of acquisition for both Android and Apple iOS devices. Then you get into the data how to not only understand what tools parse for you, but also how you can see this data raw and put it together. This course is truly a start to finish for getting into the field and staying current. Both new and old examiners can learn something from this comprehensive course.

This new course is offered both in-person in Nashville TN with a few dates in 2023 available. It also is offered online with recorded content. Online attendees in the U.S. receive a kit of devices to work through on acquisition day. No matter how you choose to attend the class you will capture a valuable skill in mobile forensics.

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