Smartphone Forensic Training

Procedure – Acquisition – Analysis

Digital Forensic Training

Smartphone Forensic Training

Digital forensics is a growing field and can be used to find evidence on computers, cell phones, and almost any electronic device. At Paraben, we offer mobile forensics training and digital forensics training programs to students and individuals. We also provide a variety of courses from the fundamental level to the more advanced levels. Each course is designed around lectures, labs, and testing to receive the certification included with the course. Students who are looking to enter digital forensics have a special Student option available with Paraben.

“In the four years I have been using E3 for mobile forensic examinations, Paraben has had my back at every turn.  Their forensic tools are top-notch, the recurrent training is extremely comprehensive, and their customer support and technical staff are always ready to handle any issue I throw at them.

Amber Schroader, Paraben’s CEO, has a wealth of forensics knowledge and will educate you not only about her products, but the industry as a whole.   Ms. Schroader takes the time to listen to her customer’s needs, and she will make sure you have a thorough understanding of Paraben’s E3 software and its features.  When you take Paraben’s training programs, you will leave knowing you are prepared for the real world of forensic investigations.  Whether you are in the public or private sector, doing forensics on mobile devices, PCs, the cloud, and more, I believe you cannot find a better company to work with than Paraben for your forensic needs.”

Kyle Cormier

Supervising investigator/investigator training coordinator

Mobile Forensics Fast Track Course

Paraben’s Mobile Fast Track Course has been created with a specific focus on what you need to be successful when dealing with smartphones in your investigation. This course goes through acquisition and analysis techniques. Learn more than just how to use a tool to learn all the analysis for all types of smartphones. Review of both Android and iOS devices and how these devices work as well as their structure. Acquisition and analysis of these popular devices is the focus of the Mobile Fast Track course. This course will be taught with a combination of lectures and Labs.

This course has two different attendance options.

Live In-Person in Nashville TN 

Course Dates Live

Virtual Online with open enrollment

    Course Details

    The live course is 8 hours a day and runs Tuesday to Friday (Friday will end early at 3 PM) in the weeks offered. The virtual option has the equivalent amount of time.

    In class, you will learn.

    • Acquire a variety of smartphone devices from legacy to current.
    • Learn how to process devices using chip bypass methods.
    • Walkthrough mobile device file systems and identify data.
    • Complete comprehensive data analysis on data associated with the above devices as well as a large variety of other devices.
    • Practice proper analysis techniques for data associated with popular Apps.
    • This course includes a written examination that will determine certification as well as the ability to complete in-class labs. All certification examinations must be passed at 80%

    The in-person courses are taught by Amber Schroader at the Marriott Vanderbilt in Nashville TN. Discounted hotel rooms are offered that can be purchased with the course or separately. Incidentals and parking are not included and a credit card will be required for those at check-in.

    Virtual students in the U.S. have a $75 additional fee for the device kit that is for physical devices that are used in the acquisition labs. This is an option and not required. International students are not eligible for the device kit option.

    In-Person Training

    Learn from a live interactive environment with Amber Schroader. An industry leader for the last 30 years. Join her as she shares procedures, acquisitions, and analysis techniques that help you to get the most from your mobile evidence.

    Training Venue

    Marriott Vanderbilt

    2555 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

    Special room rates and packages available. Attend the course with hotel from less than $3,000.


    Online Training

    Don’t Miss Out on DFIR Training

    Paraben offers a variety of options for online training. From our free training videos offered via the ParabenForensics YouTube channel and the content available by enrolling in the Paraben Training Academy. You can get all that you need in the comfort of any location and at any time.

    “I recently completed another MOBILE FAST TRACK certification (recertification for me). I have been a full-time forensic examiner for most of ten years. I have attended many certification training courses, however, there are not many certification training that is at the level of PARABEN. I absolutely cannot say enough about AMBER SCHROADER. PARABEN FOUNDER. I have been in the criminal investigation side of forensics and investigation lead development for some 45 years and without reservation, I can say that AMBER has developed a company of incredibly high technical professionals with knowledge beyond many of those peers in this profession. I would recommend her training to anyone who truly wants to learn not just for self-improvement, rather, to glean knowledge few others offer.”

    -James Bogers, Private Investigations LLC

    Computer Forensic Training

    Check out the other courses offered by Paraben on topics such as computer forensics. Learn how to process Windows images, find and process email archives, internet history and so much more. All computer forensic courses are offered online only. 

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