Remote Imaging

E3:Universal Includes Paraben's Remote Imagers

Computer Remote Imaging  –   Cloud Remote Imaging     

Why Remote Imaging?

Times have changed and so does our approach to imaging

E3 Remote Imager provides flexible access to the evidence you need, anywhere you have a network connection.   This allows for the rapid collection of potentially changing information, in the event of an ongoing breach, or ensures speed and efficiency when collecting evidence in a more traditional forensic investigation.

E3 Remote Imager is a logical acquisition tool that can work with data in a remote location. The remote can be in a different location, network, or cloud. E3 Remote Imager will detect a volume and acquire the data based on the selection by the user.

When using in conjunction with E3:Universal you have a powerful digital workforce that allows for the collection and processing of data. Our expertise with indexing in a variety of languages, OCR, and data analysis through recovery, carving, and metadata extraction give you the power you need to complete your data review.


    Efficient Response to Data Collection

    Value Comes with Response

    The process is secure and forensic-grade, ensuring that your collection is always valid and admissible in court. Along with Remote Imager’s speed and efficiency, it also allows for flexible collection options if only specific data is needed for the investigation or preservation, or time is of the essence and only the most critical data can be captured for analysis.

    •  Incredible time savings – no travel required.
    • Secure storage of data.
      • E3 Remote Imager can acquire the image to a case file locally or to the site where the data is located for added security or ensure there are no border violations.
    • Forensic collection for civil, criminal, incident response, eDiscovery.
    • Easy to use interface – no networking knowledge needed.

    We do acquisition by blocks. For each block of data, its hash code is calculated that guarantees image integrity. Also, this allows the acquisition to be paused and resumed at any time allowing ultimate flexibility in your imaging.

    The E3 Remote Imager Agent is available in both an x86 and x64 version that allows compatibility with a variety of systems. Because you are doing logical imaging you have a lot of options for the type of machine you can image. Whether it is a physical machine or cloud-based systems you can add the agent and be on your way to capturing data.


    “When Paraben announced its Remote Imager, I was excited to discover that it is not limited to remotely imaging virtual machines in the public cloud but can also image non-cloud remote computers. With the prospect of remotely imaging a computer comes understandable questions about the security of the data being imaged. When I inspected my outgoing connection, it was revealed that the connection made by Paraben E3: Universal Remote Imager supports TLS version 1.2 for encryption of the data being imaged.” 

    Michael Zinn

    Systems Engineer, Micro Systems Management

    Is the remote imager communication secure?

    Yes, E3 Remote Imager supports TLS version 1.2 encryption for the data being imaged.

    Can you connect the remote imager through a VPN?

    If you are using a VPN as a virtual private network you will NOT need to disable it to work with E3 Remote Imager. If you are using VPN as an anonymizer for Internet connection, then it should be turned off to allow correct connection.

    Do I need to allow a port forward for the connection with my router?

    Port forwarding is necessary on 11877 with some routers.

    Will Bit Defender allow remote connection?

    Bit defender will need to be disabled and, in some cases, completely removed to make sure you get a clean connection for the acquisition.

    Will E3 Remote Imager work with RAID?

    Yes, dynamic disk images can be captured with Remote Imager and then parsed in E3.

    Why you should collect Apps remotely? 

    Apps have moved and are at risk

    When you think of valuable data the first thing that comes to mind is App data. This data is more at risk with individuals having so many ways to access and change the data. Valuable information for social media, messaging applications, and more need to be captured quickly to maintain data access and integrity.

    This method allows the individual to consent to the collection and someone in the field can work with someone in the lab to capture that information. Valuable data could be lost without this innovation in the collection methods done in E3.

    Support is available for popular Apps such as:

    • Discord
    • Dropbox
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Google Mail
    • Google Drive
    • Instagram
    • Skype
    • Slack


      Follow Easy Steps for Cloud App Collection

      Step 1. Send Link

      Step 1. Send Link

      Step 3. On Mobile, the link is opened and a session is started. All of the sessions are done with full encryption with connections.

      Step 4. Consent can be given directly on the mobile device. No data is kept on the mobile device all collected data is done in the lab.

      Step 5. The person offering consent can sign and the document is electronically signed with Adobe. 

      Step 6. The fully signed consent document can be downloaded and is secured by Adobe signature. 

      Step 7. All the available Apps that can be collected can be browsed and started. Multiple Apps can be collected in one session.

      Step 8. Credentials for the App can be entered in directly on the mobile device. They are not stored on the local mobile only on the forensic lab machine.

      Step 9. The credentials will be authenticated with the App provider. If authentication fails a warning will be displayed to have data input again.

      Step 10. Successful authentication will be noted on the mobile device as well as in the lab. 

      Step 10. Successful credentials will display in the forensic lab on the forensic workstation. 

      Step 11. Data is imported in the forensic lab and analysis can begin. 

      Easy Remote Workflow

      We work in your workflow

      Our tools are easy to integrate. We keep our interface clean and logical with a left-to-right structure that follows many SOP. We provide free online training to get your basic certification as part of your tool purchase price.

      We know that you need to get up to speed so we provide supplemental training with YouTube and regular tutorials. You can move to and be comfortable with the tool in less than one week.

      Our team is here to help with your transition and provide an open Customer Zone to seek our answers with online chat, phone, and community support.

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