Starting your E3 Trial

Here are the steps to get your trial going on the E3 Forensic Platform

New Perspective

Trial Setup Process

Select Your Option

Once you sign up you will be offered two options for our trials.

Option 1.

We do a 20-minute walkthrough of the tool so you can get oriented with the workflow. Then we set you up with a 15-day license.

Option 2.

We don’t do any walkthrough and you just work with the documents and videos below. We set you up with a 7-day license.

Download Details

The E3 Forensic Platform comes in an x64 version. In addition to the main software installer, you will need to install the E3 Mobile Driver Pack if you want to work with mobile acquisitions.

Get Oriented in E3

We have a variety of training videos that can get you oriented with the E3 Forensic Platform on the Paraben YouTube channel. Those videos are listed below to help you get started in using your trial.

Sample Lab Files

We have some sample lab files that you can work through while you are working with the E3 Forensic Platform. These allow you to see all the functionality based on different data types.

Sample files are available for the following data types:

  • Computer Image 
  • iOS Device Image
  • Android Device Image

Download Details

Get Oriented

Videos are all free and when you purchase you receive online training and certification as part of the purchase.

Sample Files

iOS Device Image

Unzip the contents of the Apple iOS lab to process.

Years Of Experience

Supported Evidence Types

Largest # SMS Processed

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“E3 rocked through an iPhone I tested. The provided videos pointed us in the direction however, navigating to the parsed and unparsed application data was very straightforward. We will be purchasing for our unit.”


Forensic Investigator Law Enforcement

“I am in the private sector, doing DFIR, and I have had nothing but good experiences with the E3 Platform. Paraben has outstanding tech and sales support and I have always received the best service when dealing with them. Their tech support is really experienced in forensics, and they give real-world advice. They offer a free trial which makes it nice so you can try before you buy.”

Ira Victor

Chief Forensic Analyst

“The installation of the E3 was very easy and straightforward (9 of 10) The videos and slides provided were very useful, they make both data extraction process and understanding the software behavior much easier for new users/me I think this tool is very easy to learn and use.”


Forensic Investigator Private Sector

P.O. Box 277, Aldie VA 20105 USA


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