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NOTE: Courses Purchased on January 30, 2024, and after will not be available for start until mid-March. The courses are currently being updated.

COMPUTER TRAINING starts with the fundamentals of digital forensics and dives into the acquisition, analysis, file systems, and artifacts that bring digital investigations together.

Paraben’s Computer Training offers options for all levels of investigators.


Digital Forensic Fundamentals

This course is designed to get you started in the field of digital forensics. The fundamental how-to knowledge acts as a foundation for what you need as you pursue this area of digital forensics. This course will show you the best practices for collecting and investigating a variety of different digital items. Students will learn about the chain of custody and the foundational details of the field of digital forensics. The course is available in English or Spanish.

E3 Computer Operator Course

This course is designed to get you started using the E3 Forensic Platform with computer-related evidence. Spend one hour going through lecture tutorials and labs. End the course with the PCO certification. This course is available in an online on-demand format.


E3 Fundamental Fast Track Course

This course has been created with a specific focus on what you need to be successful when dealing with computer artifacts in your investigation. Students attending the E3 Fundamental Fast Track should already be trained in the basics of computer forensics. This course will work through a variety of different data types including email mailstores, chat messages, Windows registry basics, and cloud authentication keys.


Linux Forensics Investigations

This course is a dive into the world of Linux operating systems. The course will go through the command line functions of the operating system as well as GUI options. Review of the boot process, system-level artifacts, upper-level artifacts, and application-level artifacts will be broken into hands-on labs and lectures. Finally, the forensic process of the operating system and available options from imaging to analysis are done with a variety of tools.

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