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Why use Paraben?

Paraben remembers that law enforcement has always been the foundation of our business, and we have maintained fair pricing that fits all levels of budgets.  Paraben’s E3 Platform is a single interface tool that allows you to examine all types of data. This type of interface saves you time and money and also has a short learning curve to begin using. All of our software comes with FREE training and CERTIFICATION with the purchase of the tool.

Smartphone Forensics Now

Paraben provides all that you need to begin working with smartphones with one license fee. For $3,495 you get access to logical, physical, lock bypass, cloud, and app analysis. Maintain the tool for only $699/year, and training starts at $1,595.00 for a 3-day online class focused on smartphones course. Get up and running and processing for less than $5,500 with a tool from a company with over 20 years’ experience.

Computer Forensics

Triage a machine quick and easy with massive amounts of Windows 10 artifacts that take you to what you need.  Processing engines for all types of email, including Office365, and online training to get you going in days! Only $2,495 and $499/year.

Getting the Facts Down

Why you should choose Paraben’s E3 Platform

Data Analysis

We understand where data is going and are already supporting it. Social Media & Office 365 Cloud Support!

Court Accepted

Our tools have been validated and accepted by courts at all levels. We were founded in DFIR.

360 Degrees of Data

We can process just about anything so there is no digital data left unturned. You can deal with it all in a single tool. 

Reliable Experts

Our experts have been processing digital evidence for over 30 years. We understand your issues.

Volumes of Data

We understand data has grown and can handle up to 64 TB of data in a single case!


Great Reporting

Our reporting is top-notch with data that is easy to follow for any level from investigator to attorney.

Budget Friendly

We offer prices that allow them to work in your budgets long term. We include what you need to do the job.


Bypass Built-in

Chip Bypass for Android mobiles of the latest devices and firmwares.


More Artifacts

We find and breakdown artifacts in Windows 10 for quick triage in minutes!

Step into the driver’s seat

We offer fully functional demos of the E3 Platform with all the different licensing options included. From specialized image analysis to cloud processing, you get to work with everything we have for 15-days. Sign up below, and we will get you started. It is time to look at Paraben for your lab!

"I want to thank you for your continuing and OUTSTANDING customer service. As a small lab with a limited budget, we must choose our products carefully. It did not take long before it became my go-to software choice. From cellphones and tablets to computers,it does it all and does it well. I love the intuitive interface, how clean and easy to follow it is, as well as an easy-to-use layout for reports, which can be difficult to find. I can process digital devices faster than I can with our current Cellebrite UFED, with equal results. For once, this is a simple report system which gives me EXACTLY what I need, with the bonus of being in a way the prosecutors understand. THANK YOU, PARABEN! "

– Anthony Amato Ina Police Department Investigator / Forensics Examiner Illinois Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force

"Paraben E3 has become an important tool for use within investigations performed within my Department. The tool delivers powerful extraction and analysis capabilities while maintaining the integrity of evidence gathered. We initially selected Paraben E3 for mobile forensics based on the features and affordable pricing. Since then, we have been pleasantly surprised by the level of support and commitment the team at Paraben has shown us. Paraben support has been there for us each and every time we have had questions or concerns – from learning the tool to running into unexpected or unique scenarios encountered while working with devices."

– Matthew C. Hanna CIA, CRMA Data & Information Specialist Audit, Compliance, & Ethics Department Division of Legal & Compliance

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