Can digital forensics make you money?

Adding digital evidence to your investigation can bring out new information that can make or break your case

DIY Digital Forensics

You can learn how to process digital evidence and start making money doing it for your clients. Paraben offers tools and training for you to start doing the digital acquisitions, analysis, and bypassing all on your own. Paraben’s tools are licensed in tiers so you can do it all with E3:Universal or just mobile forensics with E3:DS. Beginners online training is included with all the software options, and our live 3-day class gets you ready to take on smartphones.

Smartphone Forensics Services

Understanding smartphones and what makes them tick is what you want when picking a digital forensic expert. We can process and recover information for your investigation that will move you closer to resolution.

Computer & Email

Forensic Services

We all live and work in a digital world, so it is no surprise that digital data yields the most information about us. Processing computer-related data in an investigation can provide you with critical details that can aid in the next steps.

Getting the Fact Down

How can digital forensics help my bottom line?

Increased Services

When you offer digital forensics you can offer more options for your clients. 

Data Analytics

You get more data to review when you recover more information. Digital evidence provides you with more details!

360 Degrees of Data

We can process just about anything so there is no digital data left unturned when it comes to our professional services.

Reliable Experts

Our experts have been processing digital evidence for over 30 years. We can log in remotely and work with you. (Fee-based)

Professional Reputation

We know that you need to offer top-notch services, and our reports and review platform makes that easy for you to provide the best for your clients.

Saves Money

More money in your wallet. With Paraben’s services, we process devices at wholesale prices and offer discounts if you want to purchase the tools. We know you need room to add your costs.

Wholesale Rates

Processing a computer or related data is $2,500.00 and processing a smartphone is $750.00. These are wholesale rates and we give you an analysis tool to keep working with the data after we are done.

Mark Your Brand

We process everything without our branding so the services represent your firm.

Quick Turn

We can process data with you remotely so you get the fastest turnaround or we can process it in our lab. We typically take less than 5-days from start to finish.

What are the numbers?

There are two options where you can make money doing digital forensics.

Option 1. Markup the consulting rates and work with us

Option 2. DIY and learn how to do the work yourself

Rates change based on the region of the country, but in general, your customers will pay from $750 to $2,000 per smartphone processed or $1,000 to $5,000 per machine processed.

No matter how you look at it, there are options for you to make money!

End of the Year Write Off

It is the end of the fiscal year, so now is the perfect time to write off some expenses for new technology in your office. Get the license and training for mobile forensics with E3:DS + Mobile Fast Track for $4,590.00 plus shipping. For this price, you get the software, two training classes, updates for one year, cables, and top-of-the-line training from the founder of mobile forensics. Training locations are nationwide!

"I highly recommend Paraben’s E3 software for your investigations needs. I bought the software and attended the 3 day hand-on training and within in a month I have already made a return on my investment."

– Kathleen Conran with Conran Investigations

"We want to be able to help you find the missing digital pieces in your investigations."

– Amber Schroader, CEO Paraben Corporation

"I recently attended Paraben’s Mobile Fast Track training. It is a 3 day in person intensive training course. A prefect balance of instruction with enough repetitive lab exercises to make sure that it sticks. This training along with Paraben E3 software is going to take our cyber investigations division to the next level."

– Bob Wigley, Presdent Distinctive Investigations, LLC

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