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Forensic-Grade Analytics of Email, Computers, Smartphones, Cloud

The best data analytics come from the use of a variety of powerful tools. With the E3 Platform, you have that combination of tools in a single interface making the process streamlined in an examination. The E3 plug-in architecture was designed to capitalize on the customization of code to the needs of the data.

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Email Collection

Smartphone Forensics

Cloud Forensics

Unique Functionality

Quick Results for Clients

Data triage of any Windows 10 system can bring to light quickly how the system was being used, and the data paths that were followed. Being able to provide quick triage summary of what was happening within minutes can provide needed direction for the rest of the investigation. Learn about what options you can find and valuable information such as cloud connections, Registry review, and more with the E3 Platform data triage functions.

Smartphone Forensics

Smartphones have become a primary data source for both forensics and eDiscovery, and making sure you capture the most data possible is the focus for professionals. With Paraben’s E3 Platform, you can process logical, physical, cloud, and app data in a single interface, which allows you to OCR, index, and process any variety of languages as well as data from native to SQLite. One license fee for all the capabilities needed for smartphone processing is part of the E3 Platform advantage.

Email Archive Processing

Paraben provides a large range of email processing functionality in the E3 Forensic Platform. With almost 20 years of experience in the processing of Microsoft email formats such as PST, OST, and MS Exchange to dealing with the latest with Office365 we have you covered. Paraben provides extensive email processing of not only Microsoft formats, but also unique formats such as Notes, GroupWise, and a variety of local archives from The Bat! to Gmail. Indexing, deduplication, export to PST, and so much more are all part of the E3 email capabilities. 

Cloud Data Collection

The E3 Forensic Platform provides valuable collection options for a variety of cloud storage accounts and locations. From AWS and MS Azure to more localized collections from Slack and Discord, you have a lot of capabilities when it comes to collection from Cloud storage with the E3 Forensic Platform. 

With more data moving to storage in the cloud having a solid solution that can quickly produce data that can solve the needs of your collection and your clients are ideal. With the E3 Forensic Platform, the cloud collection capabilities are included based on your license selection.

Unique Functionality

If you are not familiar with emojis and have only been expressing your feelings in words you are behind the times. 😉 As sentiment has changed to small images to share how people feel understanding this in the context of your collection has become critical. Unique features such the emoji and emoticon searching in the E3 Forensic Platform make it a valuable tool in the analysis and collection of data with eDiscovery.



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