Some people are intimidated when they hear the words ‘cloud’ and ‘digital evidence,’ and immediately start to worry. There is not as much to worry about as one might believe when it comes to actually collect the data. The worry comes into play on the legal restrictions that you might have to access the data.

This online quick training will walk you through the process that is used by Paraben Corporation in the E3 Platform of using the Authentication Data collected to import the cloud credentials associated with a variety of apps. Since many of the most popular smartphone apps have moved to the cloud for their data storage, this is a crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked when processing a device.

The following are Apps that are currently supported for collection through the Paraben Cloud Import wizard of the E3 Platform:

App Android Support iOS Support
Twitter Sign Sign
FaceBook Sign Sign
GMail Sign Sign
Google Locations Sign Sign
Echo Sign Sign

For the data you can capture with each of the cloud import options please refer to the chart below:

Source Acquired Data Types Firmware
Android iOS
Amazon Alexa Profile Information


Audio Files

Facebook Profile Info



News Feed


Picture Albums

Google Locations Saved Places


Google Mail Messages
Google Drive Files

File list

Twitter Profile Info

Posted Tweets


Please watch the following quick training video on how Cloud App functions work in the E3 Platform. The cloud import options are available for both E3:Universal users as well as E3:DS users.