Digital Forensic Software and Training for Law Enforcement Grant Awarded for the First Quarter of 2021

Written by Alisha Cales

June 2, 2021

Paraben a provider of Digital Forensic Software that aids Law Enforcement in their investigations for over 20 years is now awarding LE with free software and training.  Paraben’s E3 Universal software acquires critical data off of mobile devices, computers and cloud.  Paraben has recently awarded the following departments with their E3 Universal software along with training sessions and certification:

Under the PUPS Grant Paraben has awarded over 16 units of E3 Universal with free training and certification thus far with many more units available.  Some of the recipients of the PUPS grant include the Columbus Division of Police, Bossier Sheriff’s Office, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Yoakum County Police Dept.

“We are really excited to begin using the software and to take advantage of the provided training. Our official unit has only been in existence since 2018, and we have several new members who will benefit greatly from having these resources. With the increase in violent crime, our caseload has increased greatly, and this grant has given us the opportunity to get in front of that.  Our unit thanks your team! “ Detective James Howe, Columbus PD

Paraben’s grant can help agencies of any size add the capabilities to do digital forensics. Applications are open all year and can be submitted via the following form  to [email protected]. The application is available to any law enforcement organization globally.

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