Digital forensic treats for OSINT investigators with new E3 Forensic Platform version 3.4 Release

Written by Alisha Cales

Digital forensics has long been known for understanding the ins and outs of data better than many other fields. Understanding the data can only be enhanced with the perspective that OSINT can provide to the field of digital investigations. Paraben’s latest E3 Forensic Platform release focuses on bringing these two disciplines together with OSINT capabilities now part of the E3 Forensic Platform.

“We are bringing a true 360-degree perspective to digital investigators by combining both OSINT and DFIR together to share data and see new truths.”

Amber Schroader

Founder & CEO, Paraben Corporation


The 3.4 version of the E3 Forensic Platform not only adds this new functionality with OSINT, but there are a variety of other enhancements now available. Cloud has always been a focus in the E3 Forensic Platform and the new features for both Skype and Instagram now just add to the stash of data available through these resources. Paraben’s release always keeps the big data focus of digital forensics in mind with new Windows Registry enhancements that are now part of the 3.4 release.

Smartphones are always a big impact in the fall release of any tool and E3 is no exception to that. With new iOS 16 support as well as Android 13 enhancements. They are both comprehensively supported through both E3 as well as the imports from other tools such as GrayKey that can be analyzed in the E3 Forensic Platform as well as the new E3:VIEW tool.

Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform always offers different licensing options that allow for any organization to add the E3 Forensic Platform into their toolbox at a variety of different levels.

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