2020 DFIR Predictions & Innovations

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January 9, 2020

In September of 2019, Paraben celebrated its 20th Anniversary, and as such, we are taking the next twelve months to focus on all things that have made Paraben great. With innovation being our first focus, we thought it was a great opportunity to highlight some of the great innovations we made to the E3 Forensic Platform in 2019.  Several cutting-edge solutions were added to help you conduct your investigations with greater ease and effectiveness.   

These include:

  1. A new Cloud Storage acquisition category has been added to Data Triage, showing the use of OneDrive and Dropbox.
  2. The processing of email archives from Office365 email accounts.
  3. The ability to acquire multiple mobile devices simultaneously allows you to save time spent on the successive acquisition of devices. This new feature allows you to acquire different devices in different combinations at the same time, regardless of their type.
  4. Dramatically improved data acquisition speeds from iOS devices.
  5. The import and parsing of iOS case files created by GrayKey.
  6. A full Android integrated Root Engine Utility.
  7. The processing of social media backup evidence, which is an archive with the user account data generated and downloaded directly from the social media accounts.  For example, from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.
  8. New categories of Windows 10 registry keys and values.
  9. E3’s advanced search has been improved for greater efficiency. Now all word matches can be viewed directly in the Search Results pane without opening the search result in a viewer.
  10. Paraben’s YouTube channel is now available for E3. Watch our focused, step-by-step video instructions aimed at facilitating your work with E3. The collection of videos is constantly growing!

Our breakdown of all of our 2019 innovations can be found here.

As we move boldly into 2020 and beyond, here are some important trends in digital forensics to keep in mind.



  1. As the Internet of Things and 5G quickly proliferate the technology landscape, both regionally and globally, the demand for digital forensics will increase.

This means the time has come to think outside the box for where evidence exists. No longer will it just be the items in front of you that are in plain sight. As with all things, IoT looks to anything connected and what data it is potentially holding and sharing with your primary evidence. 


2. The demand for specialized skills and the usage of proprietary operating systems will increase as new, specialized IoT devices emerge into the world.

As new opportunities for growth come about, take a look at the opportunities to heighten your skills into the world of emerging OS and emerging circuit review. You will see a lot more specialized courses and the industry in general will have more specialized positions. These are where we will see shifts in DFIR.

3. Network and Cloud environments will become more and more prevalent in digital forensics investigations.

If you have not dealt with the change in data storage to the cloud, you will. Changing the methods and techniques used in our traditional data acquisition in digital forensics has become paramount, with more and more data is being generated daily. Bitstream imaging vs. triage has become a long debate and is now at the forefront of what we see in the 2020 trends.

Paraben has, and always will be, committed to your success.  Our innovations in digital forensics for the past two decades have consistently made conducting investigations faster, easier, and with ever-improving automation without a budget-breaking price tag. Stay tuned for many more new capabilities in 2020.

Greg Kipper, VP of Cyber & Cyber-Futurist

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