Starting your E3 Trial

There are a few simple steps to start your E3 Forensic Platform Trial.

All trials are 3-days and start the day you sign up.

Step 1. Sign up

With all digital forensic software, we ask that legit emails be used and contact details are provided. We want to ensure that the software is being used for proper purposes. The use of proton mail or similar e-mail will not be accepted. We will reach out to verify details in the trial process. You must reply to verify your email address before your trial can begin. Make sure the domain is not ending up in your spam so your trial is not delayed.

If you are a CHFI student please select the TRIAL option this will expedite your process. You still MUST reply to the email sent to you for the trial to start.

Step 2. Downloads

Once you have verified your email one of the Paraben Team members will provide you access to the Trial area to download links for software installers. The E3 Forensic Platform has multiple downloads if you want to see the full functions of the tool. Your access to the Trial Zone will have a login and password that will also work for your web license of the software.

Step 3. Activating License

With all trial licenses, they are done via a web license. This option is the default option, but direct machine licenses are available that do not require internet access. 

Please watch the provided tutorial that will walk you through the licensing process. If you have any questions or need an alternate license option please email us

Step 4. Get Oriented

Using a new tool is like driving a new car. It takes a moment for you to find out the workflow and how everything runs.

We have a variety of orientation videos that will help you work through sample data or you can use these as tutorials with your own data.

Either way, take a few moments with us to get oriented to the Paraben paradigm for working with data.


Step 5. Sample Data

If you don’t have access to data to work with a trial it is like trying to drive a car with no fuel. We have some simple sample files that you can use to work through the E3 Forensic Platform during your trial. You can also work with any of your own data or setup a demo with our team to show you specific types of data in E3.

Computer Image

This computer image gives you samples of some of the common artifacts that you can process with E3. The list is endless with the types of data that can be reviewed in E3 and each release adds support for more data. 

Android Image

This Android image gives you a look at some of the data you can see in an Android smartphone. With all Android devices data is always changing and so is our support with new data added all the time. You can even unlock an Android using E3. 

Apple Smartphone Image

This iOS image lets you see a sneak peek at some of the data you can discover with iOS inside of E3. Support through all the different firmware is available in E3 as well as support for iPad OS.  

Unzip the contents of the Apple iOS lab to process.

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“E3 rocked through an iPhone I tested. The provided videos pointed us in the direction however, navigating to the parsed and unparsed application data was very straightforward. We will be purchasing for our unit.”


Forensic Investigator Law Enforcement

“I am in the private sector, doing DFIR, and I have had nothing but good experiences with the E3 Platform. Paraben has outstanding tech and sales support and I have always received the best service when dealing with them. Their tech support is really experienced in forensics, and they give real-world advice. They offer a free trial which makes it nice so you can try before you buy.”

Ira Victor

Chief Forensic Analyst

“The installation of the E3 was very easy and straightforward (9 of 10) The videos and slides provided were very useful, they make both data extraction process and understanding the software behavior much easier for new users/me I think this tool is very easy to learn and use.”


Forensic Investigator Private Sector