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Our consultants are here for you. From digital forensic consulting, expert witness testimony, pen tests, and security evaluations the Paraben Cyber Team is here to get you what you need to either process data for you or supplement your offerings.

Smartphone Imaging

Computer Imaging

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v-CISO Services

Forensic Imaging

Paraben has all the capabilities to do proper forensic imaging of your media. With 30 years of experience with our team, you know that you will have exactly what you need for the courts or preservation. All forensic services are upfront flat fees that move to hourly after the basic exam is done.

Smartphone Imaging

Paraben uses a combination of tools for smartphone imaging that include Paraben’s own solution the E3 Forensic Platform. Many times, with imaging 3rd party options, are also used to be able to bypass device protection. With all imaging comes the basics of the analysis of the device. Paraben’s patented StrongHold Faraday bags can also be deployed for evidence shipments.

Computer Imaging

Paraben typically creates DD images when doing imaging of computers and related media. These images are standard in the digital forensic industry and are court accepted. Imaging can also be done with tools sent to the client for triage imaging for specific data. Reach out to our team for more details.

Basic Analysis Included

With all the digital forensic work received at Paraben, there are a few basic analysis options always include in the initial fixed rate.

  • Searching for up to 5 search words
  • Searching for 3 different date ranges
  • Export of all image and multi-media

Expert Option

Our team of experts is available in a variety of capabilities to provide you with expert opinion, testimony, and advice. All of our experts have at least 15 years of experience in digital forensics, information security, and cyber.

Expert Opinion

When looking to have data reviewed by a second party our experts can provide you perspective on the data that comes with over 15 years of experience. From review of computer, mobile, or security data we give you what you need for peace of mind. Data review rates without testimony are $275/hour.

Expert Testimony

If you are going to court and need an expert that has strong credentials look no further than Paraben. Most of our team are published authors in the field and have over 20 years of experience that make them ideal for any time of expert testimony in the field of cyber. Expert rates start at $650/hour and have a minimum of eight hours. All expenses for travel for testimony must be covered as well.

Expert Advice

If you are looking to set up a new lab, implement a new security strategy, or have a breach and need a fresh perspective to rely on Paraben. We can review and provide you with feedback on what options to consider and adjust to maximize your end goals. Expert advice rates start at $325/hour.

Pen Testing

Paraben has been a founding expert in many of the digital forensic disciplines. From designing the technology used by a variety of agencies around the world to the support of our own clients. We understand what is happening now, and the emerging trends and technologies that affect the world. This gives us a unique perspective when it comes to knowing how to get through different applications and systems looking for security holes.

App Pen Testing

App Pen Testing is the best method to make sure that your App is secure. With so many compliance standards and breaches occurring you don’t want to be the cause of a liability for your organization. Our pen testers have years of experience in both programming, mobile, and security. Not only do we find the holes, but we also tell you ways to resolve the problems. All App Pen Testing is done at an hourly rate. Estimates are given prior to work beginning. More Information

Pen Testing

The goal of any pen test is to get the ins and outs of making a system more stable and resistant to both external and internal threats. With a variety of skills in technology, Paraben offers pen testing services for web vulnerabilities, product vulnerabilities, and general threat vulnerabilities. Talk with one of our experts about your concerns.

Virtual CISO

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) represents the top-ranking security office in any organization. And with the security threat theater and complexity growing geometrically, every company, non-profit and government need access to this level of talent.  

vCISO (Virtual CISO) – A service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations that need security expertise and guidance. Our team of experts have decades of experience; building information security programs that work WITH business objectives and show measurable improvement to security posture.

What is vCISO?

vCISO is an automated service that produces in-depth compliance reports and helps your organization generate your full information security plan. Includes vCISSP and vISSO options, audit/snapshot of current environments that begin continuous analysis showing resilience over time, all the time.

Options include:

  • Augmenting existing CISO and functions
  • Provide partial or full CISO services
  • vCISO service fully under warranty and insured Informed Automation

What is the vCISO process?

The 100-hour startup process is broken down by day

  • Day One – Onsite Assessment
  • Day 7 – Conduct initial planning, establish timelines, 5 top issues
  • Day 14 – Security Assessment
  • Day 30 – Inventory security skill sets, establish a program vision and formalize security charter
  • Day 60 – Identify and implement team security objectives
  • Day 90 – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly

What are the costs?

Service can range between $1,000-$10,000+, all of which is at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CISO, not to mention the level expertise and qualifications.


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