E3 Forensic Platform Release

The new edition of the E3 Forensic Platform adds new functionality for mobile with new App capture without root on Android devices, new OSINT Facebook capabilities, new browser support, and enhancements to E3:CLOUD. The spring release is blooming with new functionality and features for DFIR, OSINT, and CYBER digital investigators. 

What’s new in E3?

3.5 Spring Release

Blooming with new features


  • For Office 365 Import, the possibility to enable or disable retrieving for folder structure for each email account is added. Disabling folder structure retrieving makes the processing of large accounts quicker.
  • For Office 365 Import, email messages that were skipped in previous versions due to unsupported folder names are now imported in a special folder.
  • Office 365 Import speed has been increased.
  • Ability to pre-define the Company name that will be used in the Consent document during the live cloud analysis has been added.
  • Potential issues with Slack authentication have been fixed.
  • Potential issues with importing the Account info for Instagram have been fixed.
  • New E3:CLOUD SaaS license option at $295.00/month or $2,832/annually.


  • Facebook OSINT support has been added. Now you can analyze data from any public Facebook account.
  • A potential issue with access to Twitter OSINT data has been fixed.
  • Potential issues with importing the Account info for Instagram OSINT have been fixed.
  • New E3:OSINT SaaS pricing option $49.95/month or $479.00/annually.


  • Support of Viber desktop chat database evidence has been added. You can review:
    • Contacts
    • Chats (individual and groups)
    • Call Logs
  • Support for new browsers has been added. You can view the history data of the following browsers:
    • Basilisk
    • Iceweasel
    • K-Meleon
    • LibreWolf
    • Pale Moon
    • SeaMonkey
    • Tor Browser
    • Waterfox
  • New categories have been added to Data Triage:
    • The Roaming category gives access to the folder with application data being synchronized across the operating systems.
    • The Startup category gives access to items being started on the System startup.
  • New columns have been added to Data Triage to provide more information on the detected data:
    • Creation time
    • Last change time
    • Last modification time
    • Allocated size (bytes)
    • MFT number
  • The MuiCache registry data has been moved to a separate category in the Registry part of the Data Triage for quicker access.


  • Supported device profiles 37,874+
  • The Android ADB Downgrade feature allows receiving application data from not-rooted Android devices of different models (Samsung, Pixel, etc.) with Android up to 13.x.
  • Android ADB Downgrade supports either complete or partial support of Apps such as:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • KIK
    • Tinder
    • WhatsApp
    • And more!


The problem with multi-line text being shifted after export to a spreadsheet (CSV) has been fixed.


  • The new E3:CLOUD package has been added. You can use it to access the cloud analysis and live cloud analysis features. This license option is available as SaaS.
  • The new E3:OSINT package has been added. It enables access to the OSINT analysis features as well as Google Takeout and Compliance Archive evidence analysis. This license option is available as SaaS.
  • E3:VIEW is now available as a SaaS license.
  • Analysing Google Takeout evidence is now available in the E3:DS
  • The End-user License Agreement has been updated.

E3 Offers a New Approach to Data

If you can’t see it you do not know what you are missing. E3 makes the collection, and processing of data easy with quick references, and parsing of valuable artifacts that bring you to the answers you are looking for.


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