E3 Forensic Platform Release

The new edition of the E3 Forensic Platform adds new functionality for Remote Cloud Collection, browser enhancements, Registry improvements, ADB raw processing, Graykey analysis, and so much more. 

What’s new in E3?

Remote Cloud Collection

A new unique Remote Cloud Collector has been added to Electronic Evidence Examiner. It allows you:

  • To collect the credentials for Cloud, Import remotely using your tablet or smartphone.
  • To get the signed consent for investigation stored in a protected PDF file.
  • To save collected credentials in the encrypted file for future use.
  • To start Cloud Import once the credentials are collected.

Cloud Import Facebook Messenger

Cloud import from the Facebook Messenger application has been added. Now, you can not only collect information from the investigated Facebook account but also collect all conversations from the Facebook Messenger.


Office 365 Enhancements

Office 365 Data Import has been improved. Now, you can select subfolders from which data is to be imported.

Analysis of folder/subfolder names has been added for Office 365 Data Import. As Outlook some folder/subfolder names do not match file system name limitations the pre-import analysis has been added to avoid import being stopped by the forbidden folder/subfolder name.

Import of hidden folders from Office 365 Outlook has been added.

Browser Enhancements

Support of multiple browser profiles has been added for   Google Chrome Browser Data, Microsoft Edge Data, and Brave Browser Data evidence. Now, you can analyze not only the default profile but also any other created profile.

Keys as Grids

A new Keys as Grids category contains information parsed from some registry keys. You can use built-in filters and search to find necessary information quickly. In the current version, only one category is being parsed, more categories will be added in future releases:  

New Registry Keys

Scheduled Tasks:  Information about scheduled tasks created on the PC.

Export Enhancements

Cross-Use Export has been improved to make working with dates easier:

  • New tags containing the time zone settings of Electronic Evidence Examiner have been added to the resulting E3-XML file.
  • For all date/time values, a new tag containing the Unix timestamp matching the value has been added.

Export of the Prefetch files to the CSV has been added.

Graykey Data Analysis

Full import of GrayKey iOS cases has been added.  Now,  you can not only import parsed data obtained from iOS devices via GrayKey  but also select to import all data including full file system.

Import of GrayKey Android cases has been added.  During import, all data obtained from Android is imported and some data such as the installed application list is parsed.

Android ADB Import

Import of Android ADB backups (*.ab files) has been added.  Now, it is easy to get all data from your backup in the mobile data case,

App Updates

Potential problems with parsing of some versions of Facebook Messenger application during iOS acquisition and iTunes backup import has been fixed.

 Support of the newest version of the WhatsApp application for Android has been added.

E3 Offers a New Approach to Data

If you can’t see it you do not know what you are missing. E3 makes the collection, and processing of data easy with quick references, and parsing of valuable artifacts that bring you to the answers you are looking for.


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