E3 Forensic Platform 3.0

Cobalt Edition

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“Moving to a new version number is always exciting for a software company. We are pleased to launch the 3.0 Cobalt Edition of the E3 Forensic Platform. We have an exciting array of new features planned with this new edition that will enhance capabilities and provided needed analysis options for different types of investigations.” –Amber Schroader, CEO

New Web Browser Support

  • Microsoft Edge browser data has been added.

  • Opera browser data has been added.

  • Brave browser data has been added.

New Email Support

  • New MBOX mail store evidence added. It allows adding MBOX databases of different email clients as evidence, for example, data exported from Becky!, Evolution, KMail, Sylpheed, ClawsMail and others.

  • Support of Thunderbird mail storage evidence versions higher than 2.0 with new SeaMonkey mail storage is supported now and can be added as evidence through the Thunderbird database plug-in.

Log & Artifact Support

New Logs & Artifacts Import Wizard has been added. It is designed to import logs and other data obtained from other applications. In 3.0 version, import of Microsoft Exchange message tracking logs is available.

New Gaming Support

Import of Twitch application data using the AuthData file is supported now in E3:Universal only. The Twitch authentication data detected on the system disk or disk image can be exported from the Authentication Data category of the Data Triage. The following Twitch data can be imported:

      • Current User Info

      • Conversations and Conversation List

      • Following Games, Hosts, and Channels

      • Saved Videos

      • Own Stream List

      • User Avatars

Dropbox Cloud Support

Import of Dropbox application data using the account credentials is available. The following Dropbox data can be imported:

    • Account Info

    • Files

    • File List

    • Deleted Files

Slack Support

Import of Slack application data using the AuthData file has been added to the support. The detected Slack authentication data is available in the Authentication Data category of the Data Triage.

Smartphone Support

  • Information that the message was Sent with Siri is displayed now. It is available in the Messages and Recovered Messages grids for devices with iOS 13 and higher.

  • A new field for serial numbers displaying for new Samsung devices has been added to Device Properties received during the Android Logical acquisition.

  • Acquisition and analysis support through iOS 14.7.1 and below.

Other Additions

  • Google Authentication improved.

  • Now it is possible to add the Advanced Search and Keyword Search result hits to any type of report directly from the Search Results Area.

  • Detection of files in the Emails category during sorting has been improved.

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