E3 Forensic Platform 3.1

Cobalt Edition

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Take a look at all the latest innovations in the E3 Forensic Platform

Licensing Options

Windows Support

    • Full Windows 11 support has been added.

    • New Windows registry keys have been added to the new and existing subcategories of the Parsed Registry Data and Incident Response categories, namely:

      • Auto-run

      • CapabilityAccessManager

      • .DEFAULT

      • Devices

• Issues that occurred while using P2 eXplorer have been fixed. New Version available in Registration Site.

New Email Support

  • New Email Archive Support for:

    • Evolution

    • Kmail

    • Sylpheed

    • Claws Mail

New General Export Option

New Cross Use Export option is available now for E3 data cases. It allows exporting data to the open E3-XML format for further import to the third-party tools. All data from E3 data cases created via any device acquisition, import, or cloud import can be exported to the E3-XML format.

Remote Imager

Remote Imager in E3:Universal now supports

  • IPv6 support

Smartphone Support

  • Android OS 12 has been added to the support.

  • iOS 15.x support has been added for logical and physical acquisition.

  • iOS 15.x support has been added for encrypted and non-encrypted backups import.

  • Skip List feature has been added. Now, any rows from the parsed data in E3 data cases can be added to the Skip List either directly from the grids or while analyzing the search results. Skipped data will not appear in the search results, viewers, and reports.

  • Displaying of the serial number for new Samsung devices acquired via Android Physical acquisition has been improved.

  •  Issue with the missing Application Permissions grid has been fixed for devices with iOS 14.x and higher. Now, the Application Permissions grid for iOS 14.x and higher includes additional information on the permission state.

  • Issue with missing MMS text in the Search Results Report has been fixed.

  • Issue with the incorrect names of the columns for iMessages in the Mobile Evidence Timeline report has been fixed.

Other Additions

  • Advanced Data Analysis Features:

  • Search Term Lists have been improved to reduce the number of false-positive search results.

  • Minor GUI changes have been made.

  • System Requirements:

  • Support of x86 version of Electronic Evidence Examiner has been discontinued.

  • Electronic Evidence Examiner can be installed and used on machines with Windows 11.

  • A potential issue with the automatic adding of the Electronic Evidence Examiner installation folder to the Windows Security exceptions has been fixed.

DP2C New 3.0

DP2C has been changed to the Deployable Paraben Powered Collector. This is now FREE to do both triage and full disc imaging. The DP2C imaging solution can be installed on any bootable media and collect data compatible with both the E3 Forensic Platform, but also any tool that supports the DD disc imaging format.


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