Ready for all your data sources

The E3 Forensic Platform provides processing options for smartphones, computers, cloud data, email, and so much more. A comprehensive review of data together to find the gaps that hold the keys to your investigation.

Computer Forensics

Windows Artifacts, Instant Message, Email, Data Recovery


Logical & Physical Processing

Smartphones, IoT, GPS, Feature Phones


Cloud Data Collection

Smartphone App Data, Computer App Data, Large Cloud Storage


Extensive Email Processing

Local Archives, Network Archives, Deduplication & Export


Viewer licenses

Smartphone Review, Computer Review, Searching, Reporting


OSINT Collection

Social Media OSINT Capture


Ready to See More Data?

E3 Forensic Platform

Universal Data Processing

Data processing in E3 is centered around getting the most data possible from the source. It doesn’t matter where the data comes from the data will be processed for recoverable data, scanned for hidden data, and sorted to easily find what is needed. Take a look at a Demo today.

Extensive Smartphone Support

Smartphones are one of the most difficult data sources and processing focuses on access. E3 allows access options and imaging for all types of devices. Then takes it further with extensive analysis into Apps of all types. Take a look at the smartphone capabilities in E3.

Enriched Analysis

Analysis options with full-text indexing, OCR, data recovery, and data carving are core functions of all the license options available with E3. Unique analysis functions such as our triage for Windows Systems and Smartphones put the power of E3 to another level.

Reasonably Priced

The prices for the E3 Forensic Platform are ranged to be modest to be able to allow the complete integration of E3 into your organization. Pricing ranges from $1295 to $5995 and training comes with larger tier packages. Paraben’s goal is to support your needs with subscription costs at 20% of the license price and the first year included. Reach out and see what package fits for you.

Watch the Power of E3


Finding the Details

24 Years in DFIR

Paraben’s staying power in DFIR shows the commitment to the field of digital investigations. Supplying organizations all over the world with technology to deal with all types of data accompanied with first-class customer service and support. The Paraben Team is committed to support the search for the truth in the data.


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I am in the private sector, doing DFIR, and I have had nothing but good experiences with the E3 Platform. Paraben has outstanding tech and sales support and I have always received the best service when dealing with them. Their tech support is really experienced in forensics, and they give real-world advice. They offer a free trial which makes it nice so you can try before you buy.


Chief Forensic Analyst

“Law Enforcement and its stakeholders are required to provide neatly compiled data from investigations to ensure judicious resolutions. Paraben’s E3 software provided the opportunity to further my competency in mobile forensics using an agile, comprehensive, and clever resource intended to seek ever changing information from those who seek to victimize others.”

Rolf Kotulla

MSCJ GPD Officer

Paraben E3 is a perfect fit for our mobile forensic needs. Not only is the software a great value, the people at Paraben have been exceptionally helpful.

Again, the more I learn and use your product the more I appreciate what your company is doing for us. Please keep doing what you are doing!!

Shawn Ireland


Paraben’s E3 Universal has been crucial for my investigations. The ability to image a machine remotely has not only saved time and money but allowed us to quickly contain the incident. E3 Universal has an easy to use interface aided with free training and awesome support that Paraben provides and transitioning to this all-encompassing tool has been a breeze. I highly recommend Paraben for all your digital forensic needs.                                                                                                                                             

Tyler Hatch

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