Streamline Your Processing in One Platform

Computer Data   –   Smartphone Data  –   Email Data  –  Cloud Data

Available Software

How do you process all your digital evidence together?

E3:Universal license options offer end-to-end processing capabilities for all types of digital evidence.

  • All smartphone processing engines
    • Logical, physical, chip bypass, rooting, and more
  • All computer processing engines
    • File System, data triage, email processing, internet data, and more
  • All Analytic engines
    • Full-Text indexing, carving, OCR, searching, and more
  • Remote Imaging and other features unique to this license version. 

This option is the best buy offering everything you need for DFIR.

How do you process a smartphone?

E3:DS  puts all the power for everything mobile in a single license.

  •  Logical
  • Physical
  • Chip Password Bypass
  • Rooting & Jailbreaking
  • Cloud Acquisition
  • Complete Analysis (Data carving, indexing, OCR, App Analysis)

How do you triage a computer?

E3:P2C license keeps the forensic work for anything related to a computer right at your fingertips.

  • File System Process
  • Windows 10 & 11 Data Triage
  • Email Processing
  • Internet Data Processing
  • Analysis Capabilities (Full-text indexing, data sorting, and GREP and Boolean searching) 

How do you get the most data from email?

Bundled or purchased separately E3 Email solutions offer effective and budget-friendly solutions.

Email process centers around the variety of mailboxes supported and the level of processing.

  • Support for native local email
    • PST, OST, MBox, and more
  • Support for network mail storage
    • Exchange, Notes, Groupwise
  • Support for cloud storage
    • Office365 Mail Capture
  • Support for deleted data recovery from archives and dumpsters of archives.
  • The analysis focuses on deduplication, exporting, and customized reporting.



Technology & Training Together

Digital forensic training is required to have the confidence you need in the operation of your technology. Paraben keeps that in mind when you use the E3 Platform the introductory training and certification are built into the price. Additional courses are offered both online and in-person, but we get you started for free.


You don’t have to take our word for it…

This tool is extremely user-friendly, the reports are excellent for presentation to attorneys and in court as evidence.  One of the best features with Paraben is their support team.  I’ve never received a faster response from any support department with any company no matter what the product and have not encountered an issue that wasn’t resolved almost immediately.  The training Paraben offers is without a doubt something to take advantage of as it will teach you all the features of the tool and allow you to provide the true digital evidence needed to prove your case.

The bottom line here is I highly recommend this tool because it will meet you needs beyond your expectations.  When Paraben states they are “Your Cyber-Forensic Company” they are serious.

Don’t just accept what I say, try it for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.

David Bell

CMFE, CCFE, LPI Vice President, Certified Digital Forensic Examiner , Exemplar Enterprises

We couldn’t be happier with the full-featured toolset and all the extras that make our jobs easier. And the support we receive from Paraben, both sales and technical, is superb. If there’s ever any issue, rest assured it will be figured out. We really can’t say enough about how satisfied we are with our Paraben forensic tools and we look forward to each and every new version release. Keep up the great work! 

Cover 2 Investigations, Inc.

From cellphones and tablets to computers, it does it all and does it well. I love the intuitive interface, how clean and easy to follow it is, as well as an easy-to-use layout for reports, which can be difficult to find. I can process digital devices faster than I can with our current Cellebrite UFED, with equal results.  For once, this is a simple report system that gives me EXACTLY what I need, with the bonus of being in a way the prosecutors understand. THANK YOU, PARABEN!

Anthony Amato

Ina Police Department Investigator , Illinois Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force

P.O. Box 277, Aldie VA 20105 USA