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E3 Platform Overview

Welcome to the E3 Forensic Platform overview. This quick video will show you all the different types of digital evidence that can be processed inside of E3.

Windows  10 Artifacts

Learn some of the popular Windows 10 artifacts that can be found with the E3 Forensic Platform using the Triage functions. 

Chip Dump Extraction

Bypassing smartphones has always been a barrier for many investigations. Learn how to bypass encrypted smartphones with a chip bypass method.

Google Takeout Evidence

There is a variety of data waiting to be captured when processing a Google Takeout container. Learn all the details from users Gmail since sign up.

Importing Cellebrite Data

Learn how to import from other popular acquisition tools to process the data in the powerful analytic engines inside the E3 Forensic Platform.

Processing WhatsApp Data

Get familiar with the WhatsApp popular messaging App and the valuable data it holds in your digital forensics investigations.

Data Triage

Data triages can save tons of time when processing hard drive data. Learn the quick way to see valuable information such as user login, web history, and more. 

Email Deduplication

Processing through Terabytes of email data requires the ability to quickly and precisely eliminate any duplicates that might exist. 

Office365 Acquisition

The world’s most popular office suite can be processed forensically with some easy to follow tips using the E3 Forensic Platform. 

Review of FitBit Data

Popular fitness devices can provide you valuable forensic data when it comes to learning how this IoT truly tracks its users. 

EDL Chip Dumps

EDL chips are one of the most popular smartphone chips in North America. Learn how to bypass locked devices with these techniques in the E3 Forensic Platform. 

Android Root Engine

Rooting Android devices provides valuable access to file system data that can help to close an investigation. Learn what rooting options can be used with the E3 Forensic Platform. 

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