What is the student program?

  • Program gives you a 3 month fully functional license to the E3:Universal software package.
  • Access to two certifications at the Operator level. One certification is focused to mobile forensics and the other is computer forensics.
  • Access to the Paraben team to help guide you through the process. Online tickets for questions and live chat.

“We believe that students need to have the same resources and opportunities as professionals and wanted to create a program that allowed that, and also allowed them to get those resources when they have a student budget.”

Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation

Your Options

Included in Student Package

3-Month License

Your 3-month license will start once you enroll and are approved for the program. The license is web-based on can be an electronic key tied to a single machine. If the software is updated in your license period you will be eligible for that update.

2-Online Certifications

Both of the Operator level certifications are available in the Student Program. The certifications focus on being able to process both mobile and computer related data. Each certification will have a video course of 8 hours followed by a test and a lab practical.

Access to Paraben Support

Paraben has a team of support personnel with many years of experience and you can access them through the online ticketing system, and online chat. We do not do phone support with our student program.

Why should you join the Paraben Student Program?

Paraben’s Student Program was designed to support you through your educational process. We offer you a license to the E3 Platform Universal edition so you can work on any project, homework, or paper for 6 months. You also get access to two of our online certifications that are Operator level so that you can leave your semester with one level of certification under your belt and ready to tackle what lies ahead. Finally, you get to start your relationship with Paraben with our support team available to you through online tickets, and live chat. We can help you with questions you have on tools and data. We want to support you to your next level of your career.

So, how do you join the student program? It is a simple process to enroll. You need to provide your details below including the one-time fee of $69.00 and the license will be provided and access to the Paraben’s Online Training Academy. The doors are the open for you to work with the E3 Platform, practice with sample images, and get certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join to get a license?

Yes, we do not offer licenses for free and students are required to enroll in the student program to receive access to a license.

What if I don't have a credit card?

Paraben also accepts payment via PayPal and you can work with our Customer Service department to arrange that option. You can email us at [email protected]

What if I need more time with the license?

We will work with you within reason if your project will take longer than 6-months to complete. Just email us at [email protected] and explain the issue. We want to support you so we will do our best to offer an amicable solution.

Will the certifications help my career?

Many times, companies prefer to have staff certified in tools they can use prior to hiring. Any certifications associated specifically with the field will help as you move into a career or move forward in an existing career. Paraben offers additional certifications as well with many having discounts for students at a fraction of the normal fee.

Is the training and certification online?

Yes, both of the certifications offered through the student program are offered 100% online.

If I write a paper will you publish it?

We love to publish student papers or shortened versions of student papers in our Forensic-Impact blog. Please feel free to submit your finished work to us and we would be happy to review it and provide feedback and offer to put it in our blog on a case by case basis.

Ready to Enroll

Complete the following form using your EDU email address. Please put a note if you would like to have the license done under a different email address. The EDU email address is required to enroll.

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