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E3:DS is an advanced mobile forensic extraction and analysis system. The E3:DS system supports the following types of extractions from all types of smartphones, feature phones, and GPS devices.

Extractions Supported:

  • Logical extractions
  • Physical extractions
  • Lock & password bypassing
  • File system extraction
  • Cloud data extraction
  • Chip Dump extraction and processing

In addition to extraction options, E3:DS supports analysis of the data collected such as the processing of App data, searching and indexing, OCR of data, image carving, and data recovery.

Thousands of devices are supported with the E3:DS system and it has been ranked as the SCMag Best Buy option as a Must-Have for any lab, as well as reviewed by NIST.

Each purchase includes: E3:DS Software, E3 Toolbox Cable & Accessory Kit, free online DSMO training & certification, and 1 Year SMS

The default licensing type for the E3:DS software is a Web License or License Key. If you wish to use the software with a dongle, please select the Dongle option for an additional $89 fee.

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