Tools for Technology you Face

With any professional consulting, you are encountering the latest and greatest technology in the market. Having tools that can work with and tackle that data is critical; we have those tools.

Smartphone Data

Smartphones have become a primary data source for both forensics and eDiscovery, and making sure you capture the most data possible is the focus for professionals. With Paraben’s E3 Platform, you can process logical, physical, cloud, and app data in a single interface, which allows you to OCR, index, and process any variety of languages as well as data from native to SQLite.

Email Data

Paraben has been a long-term provider of technology to deal with email processing for both forensics and discovery. Paraben’s E3 software supports a large variety of mail systems, from network mail stores such as MS Exchange, Lotus, and Groupwise to local mail files like PST and OST. The email tools in the E3 Platform can be licensed individually or in the larger packages.

Cloud Data

Data is moving from local systems to cloud storage, and understanding how to capture that data linked to local devices is critical. The Paraben E3 Platform approaches cloud from a variety of sources, such as social media, Apps, and Office365. Due to the area of cloud data constantly expanding, Paraben offers specific professional services that are designed to aid our customers when it comes to AWS and MS Azure support.

Computer Data

With the majority of systems in the world running Windows 10, it is critical to be able to quickly triage the data and capture the unique artifacts that are built into this operating system. The E3 Platform has spent countless hours in research making sure that the data is captured and easily accessible to you before being forced to process the full file system. Data triage can be completed giving you a map through their artifacts in a few short minutes with the E3 Platform.

The Quick Facts

Just a few of the highlights of the E3 Platform

Global Support

Over 150 different languages for searching through data.

Data Analytics

You get more data to review when you recover more information. Digital evidence provides you with more details!

Data Recovery

We process data from the recycling bin and beyond including mail archives.


Variety of Data

A large variety of data types supported and it is all in a single interface for easy and fast processing.

We Support Email

We support all aspects of email processing from specialized searching, deduplication, printing, and exporting as PST.

Artifact Support

We know the artifacts in a file system that lead you to the data you need. Quick data triage can be done before all the other processing. Know the data before you dive in.

Reasonable Overhead

Packages with Paraben start at $599 and go up to $5495 and all of our tools come with online training to get you oriented and running right away. Subscriptions are always 20% of the license fee.

Cloud Support

We understand the cloud and the barriers it has. We pull data from Office 365 and can work with you on AWS and MS Azure. 

The Power of OCR

Data in images can’t hide even in non-English languages with the support of over 6 different languages for OCR inside the E3 Platform.

What are the numbers?

The E3 Platform comes with a variety of licensing options.

  • E3:Universal $5,495.00
    • Processes all the types of data listed above.
  • E3:P2C $2,495.00
    • Focuses on computer-related data.
  • E3:DS $3,495.00
    • Smartphone and mobile-focused.
  • E3 for Email $1,295.00
    • Both local email and network email licensing options

No matter what licensing option you are interested in, our prices are competitive with quick electronic delivery. All licenses have free online training and certification.

“I have been using E3U (and its predecessor NEMX) since time began and have watched as Paraben have slowly upped their game into the full-on an enterprise-class suite of tools they have now put under the E3Universal umbrella. I work a lot of cases and use a lot of tools, what matters to me is speed and accuracy. I recently had a case where I had a huge 400GB exchange.EDB file that a client urgently needed mailboxes exported from – a lot of them. What a lot of people don’t realise is that E3U has the ability to natively open and .EDB and allow you to start exporting mailboxes in less than a couple of minutes in most cases. Yes, this is included in the price (it also parses old Email databases such as Groupwise and Lotus notes – which are still in use in certain businesses!). As the client was not looking for deleted messages, so I was able to bypass the RAW and Logical Structure checking of mailboxes and (which adds some time to the initial enumeration of the .EDB file and massively increases your chances of recovering deleted messages) but in this case – those features were not needed. Do we see those additional features in the heavyweights such as Encase and FTK…. nope – they are not even an option! So once the .EDB is open, I was able to literally right-click each mailbox I wanted and export it to a .PST file, this saves me so much time. Each mailbox was then exported (some in parallel) to disk in a location I specified. E3U has a great “jobs” pane, which shows you the current progress at a quite granular level. This is something quite novel as you can actually, see what the machine is doing as opposed to looking at a meaningless unlabeled progress bar in other tools (Encase I am looking at you). The end result, happy client and minimal interaction from me. I simply can’t do this level of automation in my other tools at my shops such as Encase and FTK without an enormous amount of faffing around. Paraben 1 – Other Vendors 0″

Jon Munsey

Director of Forensics

P.O. Box 277, Aldie VA 20105 USA


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