What's New with E3 2.7

E3 version 2.x BRONZE EDITION


E3 version 2.7 will be live on October 30th 2020!

Take a look at all the exciting changes in the latest release of the E3 Forensic Platform.

Release Notes

Computer Forensics

Smartphone Forensics

Slack Forensics

Image Analyzer Updates

Emoji & Emoticon Search

exFAT Imaging

The popularity of exFAT has only grown on a popular file system that can be found on the attached media devices of smartphones and computer thumb drives. Full forensic imaging and analysis are now available inside of the E3 Forensic Platform.  

Computer Forensic Updates

The computer forensic portion of the E3 Forensic Platform covers a broad range of data. For the 2.7 release these are some of the highlights:

  • New sub-categories have been added to the Parsed Registry Data category in the Data Triage. They include:

– Classes

– Windows Search


– Control Panel

  • New portion of Windows 10 registry keys has been added to the existing sub-categories of the Parsed Registry Data category of the Data Triage, namely, SAM, Explorer, and Applications.


Smartphone Forensics

Smartphone forensics is constantly changing and new innovations are needed to tackle those challenges.

Now supporting 34,754 different device profiles

Here is what has been updated in the 2.7 release:

  • New iOS 14 support has been added for logical acquisition and backup import (both encrypted and not-encrypted).
  • New Android 11 support has been added for logical acquisition.
  • Acquisition of SD cards with exFAT file system is available through the Memory Card (physical)
  • Parsing of the exFAT partition in device memory dumps, for example, JTAG Memory dumps, has been added.


Slack Forensics

As a popular work management platform, Slack has only increased in popularity with more and more of the global workforce working from home.

Now available in both the E3:Universal and E3:P2C license options you can capture Slack data from the cloud.

Image Analyzer Update

A picture is worth 1000 words and that is even more true today with smartphones, and social media pushing visual content. Now in the E3 Forensic Platform, you can search for two new categories that include money and gambling. 

The specialized Image Analyzer functions in E3 are available on an annual license and can be added to any of the E3 licensing options.


Emoji & Emoticon Searching

If you are not familiar with emojis and have only been expressing your feelings in words you are behind the times. 😉 As sentiment has changed to small images to share how people feel understanding this in the context of your digital evidence has become critical. The new 2.7 version of the E3 Forensic Platform allows you to search through a custom search dialog with emojis so that no emotion is lost in your digital evidence. 


Prior Release Notes

Take a look at all the innovations that have gone into the E3 Forensic Platform.

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