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Paraben provides digital forensic software allowing investigators to capture and analyze the evidence from smartphones, computers, and cloud data.  Certification and training are included with the software to ensure a quick turn around to be processing digital data.

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Paraben knows that fighting digital crime can be difficult on top of a grueling schedule and caseload. The processes in the E3 Forensic Platform are designed to try to maximize the time spent on each case and automate the processing needed to find your digital data. The workflow of E3 is straightforward and easily accessible with quick evidence add, search, bookmark, and report. You are in and out knowing you found the digital evidence needed for your case.

Smartphone Forensics

Paraben has been working in the area of smartphone forensic technology for 20-years. The Paraben solutions for smartphones allow you to be able to process all the items associated with a smartphone. Logical, physical, cloud, and App analysis can all be done in a single interface with a single license fee. Paraben’s licenses come with Free online training for all the basic operations of the tool as well as a basic certification. Continue that education with Paraben’s 3-day fast track that focuses on smartphones in a new online format with a live instructor available during class. End-to-end you have what you need to tackle smartphone forensics.

Computer Forensics

Processing full machines to try to find the single piece of evidence that will make or break a case can be difficult. Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform has optimized that process with the built-in triage function that can be run before the processing of the full file system. Within minutes you can access details on the machine to include, last accessed files, internet data, cloud accounts, and more. The artifacts are endless and are quickly given to you in triage while you wait for the complete processing with our indexing, OCR, and file carving.

Digital Forensic Training

The world has changed the way it trains and Paraben has created an online learning system that allows students to not only learn from lectures from industry experts, but also through practical lab application. Each course offered through the Paraben Training Academy focuses on fundamental knowledge about the topic followed up with a practical application of lab processes and analytics. From an introductory level on digital forensics to more in-depth classes about smartphone forensics, you receive well-rounded training.

Complete Lab Setup

Each lab needs are different and Paraben offers a variety of customized options that can help get any lab started from full machines, write blockers, and Faraday equipment to only software. There are a variety of options available that can help any lab get started at any budget. Paraben offers custom quotes based on what you need and what you don’t. Please reach out to us at sales@paraben.com to discuss how we can help get your lab setup.

I want to thank you for your continuing and OUTSTANDING customer service. As a small lab with a limited budget, we must choose our products carefully. It did not take long before it became my go-to software choice. From cellphones and tablets to computers, it does it all and does it well. I love the intuitive interface, how clean and easy to follow it is, as well as an easy-to-use layout for reports, which can be difficult to find. I can process digital devices faster than I can with our current Cellebrite UFED, with equal results. For once, this is a simple report system that gives me EXACTLY what I need, with the bonus of being in a way the prosecutors understand. THANK YOU, PARABEN!

Anthony Amato

Investigator / Forensics Examiner Illinois Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, Ina Police Department

Paraben E3 has become an important tool for use within investigations performed within my Department. The tool delivers powerful extraction and analysis capabilities while maintaining the integrity of evidence gathered. We initially selected Paraben E3 for mobile forensics based on the features and affordable pricing. Since then, we have been pleasantly surprised by the level of support and commitment the team at Paraben has shown us. Paraben support has been there for us each and every time we have had questions or concerns – from learning the tool to running into unexpected or unique scenarios encountered while working with devices.

Matthew C. Hanna CIA

CRMA Data & Information Specialist , Audit, Compliance, & Ethics Department Division of Legal & Compliance


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