IoT Forensics

Internet of Things Evidence

IoT is the next frontier of digital evidence and Paraben’s 16-hour course focuses in on this emerging threat. Understanding of the 9 different IoT environments, SQLite databases and a variety of different labs focused on data from the different environments make this course unique. In addition, students will go through forecasting and trends in IoT so they know what to watch for in the coming years.

Course Prerequisites

To obtain the most from this course, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Have attended Mobile Fast Track course or equivalent.
  • Be familiar with Paraben’s E3 Platform
  • Have basic knowledge of digital forensics.
  • Have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows environment.

Course Details

  • Course cost is $995.00
  • Course we be offered online
  • Discounts available on software used in class

Course Outline

  • What is IoT?
  • What are the different forensic areas?
  • Forensic Rules associated with mobiles and IoT
  • IoT Hubs
  • App Data Processing
  • IoT Technology Environments
  • IoT Human
  • IoT Home
  • IoT Retail
  • IoT Office
  • IoT Factories
  • IoT Worksites
  • IoT Vehicles
  • IoT Cities
  • IoT Outside
  • IoT & Artificial Intelligence
  • Course Examination



Want to host it live?

This course is available for hosting privately in a live setting instead of the online edition. If you are interested please email us at


This course includes a written examination that will determine certification as well as the ability to complete in-class labs. All certification examinations must be passed at 80%

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does my course enrollment include?
Your course enrollment is for the course and the associated certification included with the course. All travel, meals, and lodging are not included. Each course does have recommendations in the course details sheet.

How often are courses updated?
We update our courses often as the technology around the courses change frequently. Typically a course will go through 3-5 updates a year.

What if I don't own Paraben should I still attend?
Our courses do use Paraben’s E3 Platform as the primary platform for labs. However, the course details are all fundamentally based on the topic and are not focused on the product.

Do I receive software with my course?
Software is not included with the course costs. However, discounts are available for students that are attending on software purchases.

Can I attend the course more than once?
We do allow students to re-audit a class once they have taken it as long as it is within 6 months of when they attended the first course. This option is only available if seats are available in the course. There is no fee to audit the course.

Are there discounts for educational professionals?
We do have special educational packages for colleges and universities. You can contact our sales staff to see what available discounts there are, and options for attending our courses at a discount as well.

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