Mobile Forensic Software

Paraben’s E3:DS provides all you need for mobile forensics in a single software package.

  • Logical Imaging
  • Physical Imaging
  • App Analysis
  • Cloud Data Processing
  • Lock Bypass Options

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Processing Mobiles

Since 2001

You need a company you can rely on to keep pushing with new techniques and new changes in their technology. Paraben has been that company for 20-years and has spent much of that time working on mobile devices. Our team of engineers works with the latest techniques and tactics to gain access to devices, parse data, and seek out new areas where digital evidence can be hiding that can make or break a case.

“As someone involved in the field being able to know that our research is top-notch and we are finding the data that people need in an investigation is our priority.”

-Amber Schroader, CEO & Founder at Paraben

One interface and a variety of data make the E3 Forensic Platform the perfect option for a prime position in any forensic lab, and the affordable pricing and subscription allow you to scale to any size of the need.

E3:DS is the ideal option for mobile forensics with everything included in a single tool.

Support of iOS

Logical, backup, and physical support through Jailbreak are a few of the many options for processing iOS devices in the E3:DS.

Huge Variety of Devices

Smartphones   –   GPS   –   Flip Phones   –   IoT

You need a tool that can do more than just iOS and Android devices when it comes to processing mobiles you need to know that no matter what you come up against you have options.

The E3:DS software allows you to be able to process through any variety of devices without changing interfaces, licenses, or tools. Simply plug the device in and allow the auto-detection to select the device options available to you.

Support of Android

Rooting, backups and chip bypass options give you a full feature-rich experience when dealing with Android devices in E3:DS

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Don’t Forget About Cloud

With more and more devices sharing their data outside of the local device it is important to have a tool that will allow you to see it all. E3:DS includes cloud functionality for popular mobile Apps that are known to share their data with the cloud. Also, the recovery of local keys to the cloud accounts is all included in the E3:DS acquisition engines.  

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