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In times where we need to come together while still being apart, Paraben offers the investigative community the Free edition of the E3 Forensic Platform.

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Is it really free?

There always seems to be a catch when companies offer things for free. That is not the case with Paraben’s Free edition of the E3 Forensic Platform. We offer you certain features on the platform at no cost. With each of the limited features, we are doing short training videos so you can see how you can maximize what you have available for you in your investigations.

We are committed to supporting the investigative community on a whole and are here to help you be able to work your cases. If you have any issues please chat with us, email us, or even give us a call and we will do our best to help.

We have you go through our trial process to get the Free version of E3. After your trial expires you will automatically be licensed to the Free version of E3. 

Students who are in certification programs require the FULL TRIAL to pass their labs so we have moved all requests to this option.


What can the Free edition do?


Evidence Types

Mobile Acquisitions

Data Importing

Content Analysis


Exporting & Reporting

Evidence Types


No matter what type of investigation you are doing you need to be able to deal with a variety of different digital evidence types. With the E3 Forensic Platform full edition, you can deal with dozens of different data types. With the Free edition you can focus your work on the following types:


  • Email Files (.eml)
  • Social Media backups
  • SQLite Databases

Mobile Acquisitions


SIM Card technology has been foundational technology in mobile devices for years. With this technology, the ability to image these devices has become a standard part of the forensic acquisition process. Now with the Free Edition of the E3 Forensic Platform, you can capture this data on your own. All types of smartphones and mobile devices are supported in the full version of the Platform.


  • SIM Card Acquisition

Data Importing


With digital data coming from a variety of different tools and data sources being able to bring those data types into a single platform for review can save you time and money in an investigation. When using the full edition of the E3 Forensic Platform there are dozens of different data sources that are supported.  With the Free Edition of the E3 Forensic Platform you can bring in a few valuable data sources listed below:


  • Cellebrite XML Report
  • Facebook via Cloud

Content Analysis


You need to be able to break it down. Digital data is all about being able to break down the data into the components for you to search and review. The E3 Forensic Platform has always worked with the concept of sorting the data into categories and this feature is included in the Free Edition as well as the Full Edition. 


  • Data Sorting
  • Index Searching
  • Bookmarking
  • Viewing

Reporting & Exporting 


The final stage of any digital investigation is the ability to produce data for another party to review. Whether you are producing data for a client or you are producing data for the courts you need to make sure the information you found is concise and precise. All of the E3 Forensic Platform reporting options are available in both the Full Edition as well as the Free Edition.

For the exporting of data, you have a variety of options that allow that data to be taken from the Forensic environment of the E3 Forensic Platform to something that is more standard. The following export options are available in the Free Edition of the Platform:


  • Exporting files/folders
  • Exporting Sorted Files
  • Export to the Forensic Container

New Free Training Videos on YouTube

Paraben believes in offering you continued learning opportunities with our free videos that are published monthly. With new releases, this is the best opportunity for you to see some of the new features in operation.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to investigators in all fields and are here to be able to provide you with the best possible technology to help you do your job. With the Free Edition, you get started with the easy to follow interface to work through digital data.

At any time, you can power up to the full version of the E3 Forensic Platform adding more capabilities to your organization. With the purchase of the E3 Forensic Platform, you receive free training and certification as well as all the powerful engines that can process through over 50 different data types over 36,000 different devices, and discover the details hiding in the data.

FREE VERSION is available after a Trial is completed. Please select to sign up for a Trial in the comments place FREE.

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