Your Data

There are ways to save your data from either your device or your evidence with the protection that comes with a Faraday bag. These devices allow you to keep your device in a cone of silence protecting it from any potential contaminators. The Paraben StrongHold Faraday Bags are the only patented protection for your wireless devices. With a variety of sizes available there is something for any type of device.

  • Small (5” x 6”)
    • Fits standard smaller smartphones, smart keys, flip phones, passports etc.
  • Medium (7” x 10”)
    • Fits most smartphones, GPS devices, handheld gaming systems, etc.
  • Tablet (10” x 12.5”)
    • Fits most tablets, and can be used with multiple smartphones.
  • Laptop (13.75” x 17”)
    • Fits MacBook, larger tablets, and can be used with multiple smartphones.

If the standard sizes are not what you are looking for Paraben provides the ability for custom orders at quantities of 100 or more. Custom branding/sewing options are also available. Reach out to us at


Stop Data Risks

There are signals lurking at every turn that is a risk to the data on your devices. Whether you are working with laptops, tablets, smartphones, or digital car keys your information is at risk.

Paraben’s StrongHold technology is designed to block the signals from infiltrating your device and causing the loss of your data.

Where you are dealing with it as evidence or want to keep your device more secure in a risking situation Paraben’s StrongHold bags can keep your data protected.


Small size 5″ x 6″


MEdium size 7″ x 10″


Tablet size 10″ x 12.5″


data recovery smartphone

Includes all items pictured


Large size 13.75″ x 17″