E3 Platform 2.7 Release Day!

Enjoy the exciting new features in the 2.7 release of the E3 Forensic Platform

Hard Drive Forensics Features

  • New support of the exFAT file system has been added. This feature allows investigating logical disks and disk images with the exFAT file system.
  • New sub-categories have been added to the Parsed Registry Data category in the Data Triage. They include:
    • Classes
    • Windows Search
    • URL
    • Control Panel
  • New portion of Windows 10 registry keys has been added to the existing sub-categories of the Parsed Registry Data category of the Data Triage, namely, SAM, Explorer, and Applications.
  • Full disk images of memory cards/mass storages are now created by default during the acquisition. You need to double-click the disk image in E3 to get access to full file system received from the memory card/mass storage including the deleted files.

Cloud Data Features

  • New import of the Slack application data has been added. This feature is available in E3:UNIVERSAL and E3:P2C packages and allows cloud importing the following data:
    • Member list
    • Channel messages including message threads
    • Direct messages
    • Message attachments.
  • Possible issues with Gmail and Google Drive accounts authorization during the cloud data import have been resolved.

Mobile Forensics Features

  •  New iOS 14 support has been added for logical acquisition and backup import (both encrypted and not-encrypted).
  • New Android 11 support has been added for logical acquisition.
  • Acquisition of SD cards with exFAT file system is available through the Memory Card (physical)
  • Parsing of the exFAT partition in device memory dumps, for example, JTAG Memory dumps, has been added.

Advanced Data Analysis Features

  • New search for emojis in all types of evidence has been added to the Advanced search. You can use the embedded emoji picker to quickly define the search expression.
  • New Image Analyzer improvements:
    • Two new categories, Alcohol and Gambling, have been added.
    • General analysis algorithms have been improved to minimize the number of false positives and negatives.


  • The License Activation Wizard interface has been improved to make the licensing process easier.

General Changes

  • New Emoji displaying in E3 interface has been improved. Now you can see emoji symbols in grids, Properties, and Email Viewer.
  • E3 mobile data case has been changed:
    • E3 mobile data case has been renamed to E3 data case
    • .ds case format has been changed to. e3d The files in the .ds format are still supported.
  • Minor GUI improvements for better user-experience have been made.
  • Overall stability has been improved.


The event is finished.


Oct 30 2020


All Day

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