You need good tools

You need tools that can get the data gaps with computers, smartphones, and cloud. The E3 Platform works with all of this data in a single interface.


Smartphone Imaging

The E3 Platform has different options for dealing with a variety of smartphones. Our Android engines are unique with offering so many different options for processing and capturing this valuable data. 


Quick Data Access

Quick Data Triage

The E3 Platform has many unique features that enable you to collect and review data. Being able to take a quick triage view of a Windows system prior to full processing can save you time and get you perspective into the suspect data. 

30 Min Demo

Don’t have time to sit down with us? No worries take a look at this and what we can do for you.

Get in My Lab

If you are looking to get the most out of the digital data that comes into your organization it is time to look at E3 in your lab. You don’t want a data gap to stop you from seeing the data.

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