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What are the different options for the E3 Platform?

We have many different options for using E3. You can select from the following:

  • E3:Universal-Examination of everything.
  • E3:P2C-Examination of computer-related data.
  • E3:DS-Examination of mobile and IoT data.
  • E3:EMX-Examination of local email archives.
  • E3:NEMX-Examination of network email archives.
Is it hard to start using the E3 Platform?

Many tools make it difficult to get started using them. Not with Paraben, you have an interface that works left to right and follows the proper investigative steps of Evidence – Analysis – Reporting you are gathering data in 3 easy steps

How do I get qualified for court with the E3 Platform?

We offer an introduction certification with our tools so that you can become a certified operator without any further cost. Additional certifications are available in the other specialized courses. Contact training@paraben.com for more details.

Why is the E3 Platform so cost effective?

Perhaps the better question is why are the other tools so expensive. With some tools being 200x more in the price you have to look if you get 200x more results.

We believe in the philosophy of being affordable for any sized lab. The ability to process through data as evidence or risk assessment should not be out of reach because of the price.

What are my licensing options?

We license with a variety of options. Our most common is a perpetual license so you have a license fee up front and a subscription fee to maintain the updates on the software. Contact sales@paraben.com for a quote.

Is there a trial so I can see for myself?

We are happy to provide customers with access to the Paraben Experience. What this means is your trial is 100% functional with everything we have to offer including our customer service and support team. Get started by emailing trial@paraben.com and our team will walk you through. 

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows™ 7™ or Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
  • Support Additional 3rd Party Software: Microsoft™ .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Processor: Minimum Single-core Processor @ 1.33GHz Processor: Suggested Dual-core Processor @ 3GHz or Higher
  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB Minimum 16 GB Suggested
  • Suggested Available HDD Space: 1GB for the program installed on the system drive
  • Internet Connection: 128 kbit/s Needed for Web License Authentication
  • Other Requirements: USB
  • The E3 Forensic Platform can be run in a virtual machine or on a physical machine. If using a Mac you must be in a VM or in Bootcamp.


 By default, the license is done with an electronic key.

The electronic key options include:

 Web License (Easily move to different machines)

 Hardware Key License (Locked to a single machine)

 For an additional fee of $89+shipping, you can also license with a hardware dongle.


With most of the licensing options, you receive a free course included with the purchase to get you started. The Operator level courses get you oriented and get you the first certification in your training journey. After that, there are additional online courses and live courses offered with a fee. If you are interested in more details on training please email training@paraben.com

Once you start using the E3 Forensic Platform you will start on a path to having your evidence flow into place. The interface and processed work with most SOP and guide you through a left to right workflow from Adding Evidence, Analysis, and Reporting. Throughout your DFIR journey, you have the Paraben team ready to help you with our complimentary support offered, online, phone, and chat.

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Training FAQ

What does my course enrollment include?

Your course enrollment is for the course and the associated certification included with the course. All travel, meals, and lodging are not included. Each course does have recommendations in the course details sheet.

What if I don’t own Paraben tools should I still attend?

Our courses do use Paraben’s E3 Platform as the primary platform for labs. However, the course details are all fundamentally based on the topic and are not focused on the product.

Do I receive software with my course?

Software is not included in the course costs. However, discounts are available for students that are attending on software purchases.

Can I attend a course more than once?

We do allow students to re-audit a class once they have taken it as long as it is within 6 months of when they attended the first course. This option is only available if seats are available in the course. There is no fee to audit the course.

Are there discounts for educational professionals?

We do have special educational packages for colleges and universities. You can contact our sales staff to see what available discounts there are, and options for attending our courses at a discount as well.

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