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Teaching investigators in the fields of computer forensics, smartphone forensics, & IoT forensics


Quality education is critical to be able to understand the details involved in the field of digital forensics. With more and more crimes having digital evidence as the primary key to make or break the case. Teaching with great tools the allow practical skills to be developed with students is a necessity.

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The E3 Forensic Platform is the perfect cornerstone tool for digital forensic education. With a large variety of data types supported in the Platform, students can work and understand what artifacts stand out in an investigation. When using a new tool it is like driving a new car. It takes a moment for you to find out the workflow and how everything runs. We have a variety of orientation videos that will help you work through sample data or you can use these as tutorials with your own data.

Either way, take a few moments with us to get oriented to the Paraben paradigm for working with data.

Educational Starter

Our educational packages cover a license and 2 basic labs to get you started in the field. As examples, we have three different data sources available. For available labs, we provide one Android smartphone image with questions and one Apple smartphone image with questions.  Enhanced and expanded labs are available with our larger educational packages.

This iOS image lets you see a sneak peek at some of the data you can discover with iOS inside of E3. Support through all the different firmware is available in E3 as well as support for iPad OS.  

This Android image gives you a look at some of the data you can see in an Android smartphone. With all Android devices data is always changing and so is our support with new data added all the time. You can even unlock an Android using E3. 

This computer image gives you samples of some of the common artifacts that you can process with E3. The list is endless with the types of data that can be reviewed in E3 and each release adds support for more data. 

“Everyone is vulnerable to cybercrime today through security breaches of organizations, identity theft, online bullying, ransomware, plus numerous other vulnerabilities. With the explosion and use of mobile devices, it is imperative that our students gain hands-on training in the field so that they can market themselves for top jobs upon graduation. Mobile Forensics was introduced as part of the Cyber Forensics and Information Security degree at Robert Morris University (RMU) in January 2014. Since then, over 300 students have taken the course and over 150 faculty from across the country have been trained in mobile forensics as part of an NSF grant for Mobile Forensics and Security.  Robert Morris University has chosen Paraben as the preferred software to teach mobile forensics. It allows our students the ability to have hands-on access to the tools used in the industry. Additionally, Paraben has offered a price that works with academic institutions. The company’s belief is to put their product into as many hands as possible so that students will have developed skills upon graduation to enter the workforce. Lastly, the technical support given by Paraben is top notch.”

-Dr. Karen Paulett – Robert Morris University

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