Cloud Collection


Maintain proper paperwork with built-in consent documents to sign in the field.


Credentials are entered and checked for validity.


Credentials are securely passed to the lab for direct cloud collection.

Common Cloud Services

The E3 Forensic Platform Remote Cloud Collection tool focuses on the primary areas for data storage that are cloud based. This allows us to offer the most cloud keys in each category. 

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Our Process

When dealing with cloud data time is the most impactful factor to ensure you get the best data quality. With the E3 Forensic Platform Remote Cloud Collection tool you can work with the field to collect cloud data immediately. There is no need to wait for devices to come to the lab you can work in coordination with field investigators to collect credentials and immediately capture data. 

Why Choose E3

Paraben offers innovation with the perspective of over 30 years’ experience in the field of digital investigations. Each new feature is designed to capture and analyze more data with a platform that is cost effective and efficient. Paraben’s new Remote Cloud Collection is designed to bridge the gap between the field and the lab investigator to ensure data is collected quickly. Data can quickly disappear when it is not stored in plain sight and having flexibility in your collection can make all the difference. 

Computer Forensics

Artifacts are the key for any computer investigation and Paraben supports not only system artifacts, but data artifacts that can be pivotable in your investigation. 

Mobile Forensics

All in one tool from physical, logical, cloud, and App analysis you get it all together inside E3. End to end is how Paraben has been approaching mobiles since 2001. 

Email Forensics

Email has so many pieces it is important to know that your tool can not only collect, but analyze them. From full header support to capturing of deleted data E3 offers more email options. 

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