Online Digital Forensic Training

It’s all about the skills and skills that come from continued learning throughout your career. There is always a new technique, method, and process that can be learned in digital forensics, and distance learning is a great way to accomplish that.

Paraben offers online training options for all types of courses and more coming all the time.

  • Digital Forensic Fundamentals
  • E3 Fundamental Fast Track
  • DSMO Certification Training
  • P2CO Certification Training

Now is a great time to sign up and take advantage of the online learning advantage that comes with Paraben.

Certifications & Skills

When it comes to digital forensics there is no stop to what you can learn when processing digital evidence. Each of the Paraben online training classes is designed to get you the fundamental knowledge you need to process the data while giving you an opportunity to practice your skills.

Most of the online classes come with labs that are a great way for you to practically apply what is being taught to you.

“We think hands-on is a great way to complete the learning processing. With an online environment the labs, quizzes, and activities allow you to close that gap that can exist without in-person training.”

Amber Schroader, CEO & Founder at Paraben

If you don’t have a license to complete your course, we work with each student for extended trials to be able to complete courses and get through the labs. Our goal is to support you in the learning process of digital forensics.

All classes have a certification element to get you prepared for court and the needs of a digital forensic investigator. 

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DSMO Certification

If you have been using E3 to process mobiles it is time to get the first-level certification the DSMO. This is an online course of 8 hours of lecture and labs followed with a written certification examination. Get started here with your mobile forensic processing with E3.

Digital Forensic Fundamentals

Computers  –  Smartphones   –   Email   –   Cloud 

Understanding the fundamentals of what makes digital forensics work is the first step to becoming a qualified investigator in the field. The Paraben Digital Forensics Fundamentals course is the perfect online lecture and quiz driven course to get through all the basics from chain of custody, write protection, processing evidence, and even the value of reporting. This course is not a Paraben tool centric course and covers a variety of technology options used in digital forensics.

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E3 Fundamental

Fast Track

If you are using E3 for your investigations it is time to get the online lecture and lab-based course under your belt. This certification gets you prepared for processing a large variety of evidence as well as ready to face any questions in court when it comes to your skills.