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Digital Forensics Adds New Perspective in Investigations


Digital forensics can add a new depth and potentially find a new direction for your investigations. Paraben offers software and training to get you set up for processing internally or professional services that can augment your current investigative offerings.

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Computer Forensics

Smartphone Forensics

Cloud Forensics

Professional Services

Data Triage Results

Data Triage can get you results quickly. If you are processing data on your own with the E3 Platform within minutes of adding a Windows 10 system you can find valuable information such as the latest documents opened, websites visited, if the computer connected to cloud storage, and more. Triage can give you results to share with your clients quickly and help you to make the choices on the next steps. Mobile triage can show you the basics of the device and a quick review of Apps that were installed. With either triage option, the E3:Universal package provides you full capabilities to quickly assess and get answers.

Computer Forensic Outcomes

Computer Forensics can be intimidating to get started with lots of background knowledge needed to understand the details of the file systems. Paraben’s E3 Forensic Platform makes the review of a file system easy to process by sorting data with the Content Analysis Wizard breaking the data into categories such as email, graphics, videos, documents, etc. E3 works how investigators work to find that needle in the haystack. When the job gets too complex the professional services team at Paraben can step in and offer their expert services to supplement the work you are doing. Whether you need software or services for computer processing Paraben offers options to support you.

Smartphone Data All Inclusive

Smartphones represent a large part of our digital lives and adding that data to an investigation can offer new perspective and dimension to what you are looking for. Whether you are processing devices with software such as E3:Universal or E3:DS or you are working with trained professionals you can add new data not found anywhere else. When reviewing smartphones you want to ensure you are looking at everything possible from the Apps, SMS, Calendars, and even health data. The ability to capture all of this data in a single too allows you to review it comprehensively. The Paraben experts are standing by to help with anything from processing remotely with you to expert testimony, but no matter how you look at it smartphone processing can become a large asset to offer to your investigative clients.

Cloud Data Access

Data has been slowly moving from our machines to the cloud. As the data moves you need to have methods to capture this information is critical. The Cloud Capture options available in the E3 Forensic Platform focus on both the input of known credentials as well as the recovery of these credentials from other data sources. Paraben’s professional services can also work with you to recover and work with data from popular cloud providers such as AWS, MS Azure, and Google.

Professional Services

Our professional service team has over 30 years of experience in processing digital data. Our team can provide supplemental support for investigators that have the E3 Forensic Platform or provide 100% of the processing services. Each case is individualized to the needs of the client and can be done in coordination with your firms investigation skills. The Paraben professional services team is here to support and supplement as needed from services to expert testimony.



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