DFIR Technology, Training, & Support

Apply for the Paraben Unified Police Support Grant and add digital forensic capabilities for computers and smartphones to your deparment.

Paraben’s Technology

Paraben provides software that is efficient, effective, and easy-to-use so that a department can receive the grant and immediately do virtual training and start processing data. From start to finish an officer can start working with digital devices and data within 7-days of receiving the grant.

Supplemental training is available through the Paraben YouTube channel offering over 100 different videos on how to capture digital evidence and get it incorporated into an investigation. 

Smartphones are part

of Every Case

Smartphones are the number one digital device in the world and they show up in almost 100% of investigative cases. Having the capabilities to process these devices no matter what type of device from flip phones, Android devices, and Apple devices all in your local department gets you faster turn around in your cases.

Computer Forensics

Triage a machine quick and easy with massive amounts of Windows 10 artifacts that take you to what you need.  Processing engines for all types of email, including Office365, and more. You end up with the full capabilities to find the data you need quickly to determine what the next step is in your investigation.

Paraben Unified Police Support Grant

Paraben understands that every department would like to have digital forensic capabilities, but many times that can be cost-prohibitive. Paraben has recently received a special grant donation that is designed to allow departments access to the powerful E3 Forensic Platform. The grant is available to agencies/departments looking to add digital forensic capabilities. The grant will cover the 1-year license cost of the E3:Universal Software as well as an online training passport to the E3 Fundamental Fast Track, and Mobile Fast Track. Any other training for grant winners is offered at 50% of the retail cost. The goal of this grant is to allow for more digital criminals to be stopped and justice to be served.

PUPS Grant Applicants must submit an application via email to pupsgrant@paraben.com.

“We are really excited to begin using the software and to take advantage of the provided training. Our official unit has only been in existence since 2018, and we have several new members who will benefit greatly from having these resources. With the increase in violent crime, our caseload has increased greatly, and this grant has given us the opportunity to get in front of that.  Our unit thanks your team! “

Detective James Howe, Columbus PD

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